Best 10 Inch Rough in Toilet Reviews 2020 – Updated & Complete Buying Guide

The 10 inch rough in toilet is your best bet if you are looking for a toilet that is compact enough to fit into your small bathroom.

This article is to help you choose the best model for your bathroom, not only to make the best use of less space but also to raise the beauty with elegant bathroom accessory.

The more compact your bathrooms are, the less likely they are to be equipped to handle 12 inch options. Additionally, if you live in a house that was built quite a long time ago, you may find that in measuring the distance, will result in it being a 10 inch rough in.

The more compact bathroom needs to have a 10-inch rough-in toilet. Generally, the specifications observed to select a toilet are the bowl size, performance, flush rate, price, waste removal efficiency and maintenance but rough in size is also a must factor to consider.

Therefore, if you are thinking to renovate your bathroom then read about the top models below to have the best piece at home. By the end of this article, we assure that you would have made up your mind with the best one out.

You can’t work a miracle in a bathroom in most cases so a 10-inch rough-in toilet is your next best bet. It will help move your toilet closer to the wall in most instances and free up a few extra inches in a room in front of it.

In this article, we will do a series of 10-inch rough in toilet reviews and give you some information that will help you when trying to decide which of the best 10-inch rough-in toilets is right for your needs.

Best 10 inch rough in toilet reviews

This is a comprehensive review of the best 10 inch Rough in toilet:


The first American Standard product worthy of inclusion on our list is the 270AB, which comes with the company’s patented Ever Clean surface.

This surface is resistant to all the common hazards found in most bathrooms, including mold and germs. It prevents mold and mildew from growing anywhere on the product and keeps bacteria and other microbes from spreading to other parts of the room.

As one of the only ADA compliant models on the market with an elongated seat and bowl, this model is great for those using handicap devices like a wheelchair or a walker. Inside the tank is a larger valve that works with a flapper that is bigger in size too.

This flapper will not break down when exposed to the chemicals you use to clean the product or the minerals in your water supply.


The elongated bowl shape found on the Transitional makes it suitable for use by any adult or child. This shape extends the bowl out from the tank and from the wall to keep you from feeling confined when you sit down. As it has a higher height from the floor, you won’t have any issues standing back up after sitting.

Located on the left side of the tank is a chrome flushing handle that matches the chrome and stainless steel hardware and decorations in your bathroom.

These lever pushes down with minimal pressure and returns to its original placement once you release it. This product comes with an E-Max flushing system that uses just 1.28 gallons of water but still leaves the bowl looking completely clean.


The Colony is a good choice for those looking to save money and save on cleaning time. Not only is it a more affordable option from the manufacturer, but it comes with a power wash system created by American Standard, which places holes all around the rim of the bowl. Those holes allow the water that comes down to push out waste to clean the bowl at the same time.

Both the trapway and the flush valve on this model are two inches and work together when you flush to create more action. Gravity causes water to move from the valve and push down any water and waste in the tank into the trapway.American Standard Colony


With this version of the Aquia, you can create the look that you want in your bathroom because this comes with just the bowl and not the tank.

It has a slimmer design that lets it sit closer to the tank that you select or to the wall. Though the elongated bowl gives you a little more space, this model cuts back on the size of the seat and bowl.

You’ll also like the dual flush option found on this product. One button lets you use either 1.6 or 0.9 gallons of water to flush down your waste.


This Windham model might just be one of the easiest ones to install because it requires just three bolts to mount it to the floor.

You will need to purchase a separate wax ring and some other parts before your plumber installs it, and it does not come with a seat either. It does use a vitreous china of Grade A that will last for years without showing scratches and damage.

You’ll also like that it uses 1.6 gallons for flushing most types of waste. That helps it meet water conservation guidelines and may qualify you for a rebate.


Whether you already have a tank in your bathroom or want to buy a tank, this Drake bowl from TOTO will work in your bathroom.

Though it does not come with a seat or a tank, it does have a three-inch flush valve that fills the bowl faster with water from the attached tank. It is also compatible with other products from TOTO like its Washlet integrated products and its soft close seats.


Most customers love the G-Max flushing system found on this model. This system reduces the noise that you hear during and after flushing but still provides the power needed to flush down bulk waste.

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Located right on the top of this Aquia model is a push button that functions as the flush lever, but this mechanism flushes in two different ways to use more or less water.

One setting uses just 0.9 gallons and is perfect for liquids, but the other setting uses 1.6 gallons and flushes larger and thicker forms of waste. The tray in the base is larger to keep any waste from clogging the system.

Made from two separate pieces, the Aquia connects together to take up less space and to bring the base closer to the wall. It also comes with an attached seat.

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The Highline Classic has a more classic look than other KOHLER models do that features a tank on the top with sharp edges and lines and a base that sits closer to a bathroom wall.

This base has an elongated shape on the bowl that supports your lower body, but it also has a comfort height that lets you sit closer to the floor when using the bathroom.


One of its top features is that it uses Class Five technology, which creates the powerful suction needed to remove bulk waste from that elongated bowl. This prevents streaks from sticking and stains from forming on the sides of the bowl.


The comfort height of the Cimarron makes it easier for you to sit down when you need to use the restroom and get back up without any discomfort in your lower body.

That height also makes it suitable for use in bathrooms designed for those with disabilities. They can easily slide over from a device like a wheelchair.

This set includes both a separate base with a bowl inside as well as a tank, and both pieces have the same design and finish. Though it does not come with a supply line or a seat, it does have a round bowl that takes up less space than similar bowls do.


Though similar to the other Highline on our list, this one is a little different. It still has the same comfort height though, which increases the height of the seat rim to 16.5 inches.

You’ll need to add your own seat because this model does not come with one, but that seat lets you further increase the distance from the floor for added comfort.

Two top features of this product include its canister valve and its Class Five flushing technology. Those two features work together to remove waste and leave the bowl as clean as it was before you used the bathroom.

Considerations before you buy the best 10 inch rough in toilet

As with many household products, you should take due diligence to ensure that it will meet your needs. Here are a few things to keep tabs on before you get your wallet out.

Water consumption of the 10 inch rough in toilet

You will no doubt come across all kinds of flush types in your research. But the most common is the 1.6 gallon units.

This is referred to as standard however, you can find plenty of options in the industry that will consume significantly less water.

This could be in the form of dual flush, which offers a people choice between 0.8 and 1.28 GPF. They are generally referred to as high efficiency, and certainly do their part for the environment, while at the same time keeping household bills down.

Bowl height of the 10 inch rough in toilet

We can generally put toilet heights into two main categories. The first being of the traditional, standard height at around fifteen to sixteen inches.

The second known as comfort height, will be slightly taller at seventeen to nineteen inches. The purpose of manufacturers designing taller options is to make them more accessible and meet ADA criteria. They are usually easier to get up and sit down upon too.

Bowl shape of the 10 inch rough in toilet

This is not always something consumers will be looking out for, but we believe it’s an important feature as it will ultimately play an important role where both comfort and space is concerned.

Round options are known as being the go to option for those home owners with smaller bathrooms as they have a reduced footprint.

While elongated are seen as the more comfortable option with your legs positioned more naturally whilst seated. You can also look at the exterior as a whole and go with a more standard design that shows the trapway, or one that’s skirted.

Color and finish of the 10 inch rough in toilet

The color you choose is going to have an impact on the look and feel of the room. We recommend going for a brighter color that works well with sunlight and well-lit rooms.

Thankfully, the top brands tend to agree with this too with the majority of colors being white, and cotton. Moving onto the finish, something like Everclean surfaces that are glazed will be sufficient because they are much easier to clean.


You will see a big difference in price tags whilst investigating the various models available. We suggest setting yourself a budget before you begin shopping as it will make it easier to filter out ones that don’t meet your own criteria.

Usually, the majority of loos fall into the under 400 dollars price band, and it’s here that most buyers will find a suitable match. However, if you’re looking for something cheaper, there are a fair amount that can be found for below 200 dollars.

This will ultimately come down to your personal financial situation, but there are units to meet all needs. But be aware that by going for a low cost option, you will be sacrificing performance.

Brand of the 10 inch rough in toilet

Despite what others may think, the brand name should play an important role in your decision. You should be thinking about which ones are reputable, and which options are lesser known. Check out our Mansfield, and Gerber buying guides for more information.

Customer feedback

As with many products purchased online, you often get a chance to provide feedback through the form of reviews.

There are plenty of shops around that allow you to analyze feedback from others on specific models for any potential flaws, or information on where it excels. This will give you a brief insight into a products overall quality, which is always welcome.

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