Best comfort height toilet Reviews 2020 – Right height Tall toilet for you!

The best comfort height toilet helps to reduce serious joint pains and increases the comfort when using the toilet and in making your loo experience worthwhile and comfortable.

Most times, people are too tall to sit comfortably on the toilet seat, this causes serious joint pains and reduces the comfort when using the toilet and resting your feet on the flat floor.

If you are looking for the best toilet type that ensures that your guests can sit and stand quite flawlessly or something tall to ease your joint pains, you should be certain that comfort height toilets are your fit.

They typically measure between 16 and 19-inch, making them taller than the standard ones with the 15-inch height measured from floor to the top of toilet seat.

This post will help you in selecting the best comfort height toilet, it is worthy to note that comfort height toilet are hard to find but we have done the hard work for you already.

While you may need to consider so much before choosing the best comfort height toilet with a bowl, the height of the individual and space available for fixing should be a major factor.

High toilets helps you to sit easily and stand up quickly at will without any underlying problem from the seat height, this toilets are ADA approved and we are ready to help you make you comfort height toilet choice.

Best comfort height toilet reviews

This is the in-depth review of some selected comfort height toilets and best tall toilets for your home today:

TOTO Drake Comfort Height

High performance and reasonable price are the key features to be considered while buying a toilet seat. The Tote Drake Comfort Height is made with a comfortable and elegant design to surge the beauty of your bathroom.

The elongated bowl of this two-piece toilet is combined with SanaGloss technology that makes the inside of the bowl super soft, letting it give a clear reflection of everything like a mirror. It has an ion barrier glazing inside the bowl that keeps the inner surface clean.

This two-piece model has a wide 3-inch flush valve that works 125% better than a 2-inch valve. Not only its flushing system is powerful, but also it is quiet and efficient enough to clean the bowl in a single flush.

Its flushing technology creates a forceful centrifugal action so as to clean the rim and bowl effectively. It makes use of 1.6 gallons per flush, which is more than the flush rate of standard models.

The innovative style of seating measures 16-inch from floor to the seat, that is reliable for people of all age groups due to its ergonomic design and molded bumpers for reducing injury.

While installing it, you must check the instructions to know the setting of the valves better. This helps in filling up of the tank to its maximum level for getting a strong flush.

However, it creates noise while re-filling the tank once it gets emptied. There is a need to clean it regularly with vinegar and scrub as the stains, dirt and solid particles persist inside the bowl even after pushing the flush button.

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KOHLER Comfort Height Toilet with AquaPiston Technology

KOHLER brings this two-piece toilet with unique features and desired specifications. This model is engineered with an elongated bowl that does not take much space of the room but provides a high level of comfort while taking a seat on it.

Its Comfort Height feature is the most special one as it provides chair-height seating for easy sit-down and stand-up positions. Most adults and tall people make the best use of it and do not even suffer from joint pains.

It has both a vibrant design and high-powered flush performance, with added blend of contemporary and traditional looks. It features AquaPiston technology with a powerful flush engine that allows a smooth, consistent flow of water to the bowl for cleaning it effectively.

It stands out from the rest with its gravity flush mode and unique features. It produces a greater flushing effect than a standard system by consuming 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

This toilet system of KOHLER comes with a warranty of one year, making it easy for you to repair it during this slot. This toilet system is easy to install as plumbers can follow the instructions mentioned in the manual without facing any difficulty.

It comes in a combination of bowl and tank that are elegant in shape and remains shining brightly after the flush. However, this model does not include seat and supply line that you would need to buy from the market. Overall, its affordable price makes it a perfect accessory for the bathroom.

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American Standard Comfort Height Round Front

The American Standard brings its excellent toilet seat that has a high-performance rate of flushing. Being accustomed to chair level seating, it is well furnished with bowl and tank.

It is equipped with a 3-inch flush valve that is chemically resistant, allowing more amount of water to rush into the bowl.

This function cleans the inside surface quickly removing all the dirt deposits. The inside and outside of bowl and tank are surfaced with the EverClean technology. This controls the growth of stain, bacteria and mildew on the surface.

The American disabilities act specifies that ideal height ranges between 17 and 19-inches to stay comfortable for the elderly or disabled. Similarly, this model measures 17.5-inch from seat to floor, being of great help to tall and elderly people.

This height is more than the standard height, which measures around 15-inch. A pressurized rim is attached with it to wash the bowl with a great pressure. Every flush in this toilet utilizes just 1.28 gallons of water, which is 20% less than standard toilets.

This is an eco-friendly flush system designed brilliantly with a water-efficient system. It has a fully glazed, 2-1/8-inch siphon trapway that helps to prevent clogging of solid waste in the pipe. It shows better performance than a 2-inch trapway model.

However, due to its height it becomes an uneasy model for children and short-height people, as they cannot sit on it comfortably. Also, the plumbers face a bit of difficulty in its installation.

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American Standard Comfort Height Elongated Front

This two-piece toilet has the elongated seat design and is full of curves. This means that the bowl and outer surface are designed with the special EverClean surface, making the toilet easy to clean.

Being equipped with an oversized 3-inch flush valve, it allows water to enter the bowl at almost 80% faster pace. This keeps the cleaning technology highly efficient and better than the standard 2-inch flush valves.

The EverClean technology restricts the growth of stain and does not even permit the odor-causing bacteria and mildew to grow on the surface.

This elegant design has fully glazed, 2-1/8-inch siphon trapway that prevents choking. The jet at the base of the bowl pushes the solid waste back into the drain with high pressure. It is certified with the WaterSense technology that saves water by pushing just 1.28 gallons per flush to clean the waste.

This elegant and elongated front toilet comes with a five-year warranty at an affordable price that makes it a unique addition to your bathroom.

Choosing a set of a toilet as per the height measurements is a difficult task but this sophisticated bathroom accessory features 17.5-inch height from floor to the seat.

People even of height 5 feet and 11-inch or more can take a comfortable seat on this model without leading to any joint pains. Although this system sits a bit too far from the wall, yet its reasonable price and top-mount slow-close seat make it an ideal buy for the home.

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What is a right comfort height toilet – Comfort height toilet definition ?

A comfort height toilet or right height toilet or chair height toilet is a toilet that has an added height in its seat or bowl. This is the major difference, this toilet can measure between sixteen and nineteen inches (16inches – 19inches) from the ground up and still retain much of its functionality and capabilities as traditional toilets.

The major excuse for this toilet design is to make it easier fo people to access the toilet at ease, this is why it is really good for the elderly and seniors, tall people, handicapped and infirmed. The standing up, and seated distance is lower, resulting in less pressure on users joints and bones.

There are wider range of right height toilets to cater for and accommodate different personal and commercial requests which pans physical needs, this is now common to most homes.

Category of people who need the Extra Tall Toilets

A tall toilet measures between 16 and 19-inch above the floor, which is almost an inch or two taller than the traditional or standard models.

Tall toilets are also known as comfort height toilets that are compliant with ADA guidelines. The distance between floor and seat is equal to a chair’s height measured from the floor.

This feature makes it extremely easy for a tall person, senior citizen and disabled to get on and off the seat.

Therefore, these are becoming highly popular among the population now who tend to add uniqueness to their regular bathrooms.

Perfectly made for tall people

Perfectly made for elderly

Perfectly made for disabled

Perfectly made for handicapped

Benefits of the comfort height toilet

The lower toilets are problem for some people but the toilet manufacturers have a new idea to make their product taller than before.

Here are some reasons why it is beneficial to make use of the right height toilet especially if you are tall or prone to back pain.

Less range of motion required

Because they are high rise toilets, there is a shorter distance between being seated and standing. Making them a great choice for people who struggle bending down and getting up.

Less pressure on joints

The lower the seated, the harder you’ll find pressure hitting your joints and muscles. But more specifically, your knees and leg muscles. Being that little bit higher up takes a fair amount of that stress out of the equation.

Ideal for senior citizens

Older people in the household will appreciate the loo being more accessible for them.

Flush assistance

Keeping on the subject of having accessible bathrooms, some models that fit this criteria also come with trip levers that are easier to pull. For those users who have issues that effect grip or strength, such as arthritis.

Considerations before you buy the best comfort height toilet


Finding a good toilet is difficult enough without thinking about all the added extras and headaches that can potentially come along with it.

We will attempt to lighten the burden on your shoulders by listing out exactly what you should be looking out for whilst shopping below.

Flush of the comfort height toilet

We’ve covered flush mechanisms in depth on several other articles currently listed on our site. Namely, the hands free, macerating, and dual flush guide.

Familiarize yourself with each of these and try to decide which one best fits your requirements.

Bowl of the comfort height toilet

Having already covered the need to know information about how tall toilet bowls are, you should now be choosing the shape. These are typically elongated, but you’ll also find your fair share of round front options too. Then, there is also the task of picking between normal, or skirted trapways.

Style of the comfort height toilet

Sometimes an oversight for consumers, but one that is important nonetheless. How a unit looks externally can affect the aesthetic appeal of the bathroom as a whole.

Attempt to match colors and themes the best you can. Going with a lighter color such as white is sensible as we believe they match far more themes than those that are more obscure.

Conservation of water of the comfort height toilet

Finding a unit that consumes less water should be high on your list of priorities. There are several advantages to buying such a product.

For one, it’ll certainly help cut any water bills your household gets, making it far more economically friendly. But what exactly should you be looking out for in your research? For starters, be on the lookout for the WaterSense label.

These typically consume up to 1.28 gallons with each flush, but if you spend enough time exploring what the market has to offer, it’s likely you’ll discover several ranges that use smaller amounts than that.

Budget for the comfort height toilet

Set yourself a price limit before you begin. This will help prevent overspending, but make sure you’re careful whilst conducting your research as some manufacturers don’t always include essential parts such as the seat and lid. Such exclusions can be quite pricey when you add it all together.

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