Best Compact Toilet for Small Bathroom Reviews 2020 – UPDATED AND DEEP!

Compact toilet is smaller in size when compared to the other types of toilets. Some compact toilets have round bowls while others have elongated bowls

Compact toilet have been made to satisfy the ADA legislation with toilets being produced with elongated bowl which increases the overall size. This can make finding compact toilets for small bathrooms a difficult search.

We know that not everyone will have the luxury of a large, spacious bathroom. In fact, there are plenty of people shopping around that tend to be looking for smaller to medium sized rooms, with a need of not just a smaller compact toilet, but other accessories as well.

Ever looked at your bathroom and thought about how small and congested it looks? We have all been there at some point in time and there is a reason for that.

However, most people are not even aware of this reason and are pretty much fed up with the work they need to put in to break down the entire bathroom to create a bigger one.

Well, if you ever look at your toilet clearly, you will notice that the shape of the bowl is a bit elongated.

Since the compact toilet bowl plays such an important part, the rest of the toilet needs to be made elongated as well, thus making the toilet huge and making your bathroom look way smaller than it already is.

To help you with your search for the best compact toilet, we have included in-depth reviews on both the elongated bowl toilet for comfortable sitting and the round bowl toilet with clever tank design, you are already spoilt with choices.

The compact toilet is made with the size of your bathroom in mind, even if your bathroom is very tiny, you will always find a small toilet that is both functional and stylish.

You will definitely find out how to make the most out of your small bathroom and the best compact toilets to help save space.

Best Small Compact toilet for small bathroom reviews

This is a comprehensive review on the best compact toilet in the market today:

KOHLER San Souci

The San Socui will work in a powder room or any full bathroom where you have less space because it has a low profile that puts it closer to the ground and a smaller bowl that still eliminates waste quickly.

It features a canister design that reduces the space inside the bowl. This also allows any water that flows through to rush and circle around the bowl to remove more waste than ever before.

A round bowl on the base is just the right size for sitting down and supporting yourself while using the bathroom. Though this bowl is on the small side, it still offers plenty of room for you and users of different sizes.

GALBA Small Compact toilet

One of the smallest and most compact models on the market is this one from GALBA, which features both a shorter seat as well as a shorter overall height.

It has a soft white finish with a button on the top of the lid that acts like the flushing handles found on other products. This model also uses just one piece to reduce your overall installation time.

A top feature on this model is the glaze that is resistant to scratches. This is also a self-cleaning glaze, which means that it will use the water that comes out when you flush to clean itself and remove bacteria from the bowl.

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American Standard 216AD

American Standard makes a number of affordable options for your bathroom like this one, which comes with its patented Power Wash system.

That system increases the number of holes around the rim and allows more water to come out with each flush to remove any of the debris stuck to the sides. It still uses just 1.6 gallons though to reduce your water bills.

Designed for use in a bathroom corner, this product has a triangular shaped tank that fits into a tight space, but the base extends out slightly. Though it uses less space, this model provides all the comfort that you need.

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KOHLER Persuade

The Persuade comes with a dependable warranty from KOHLER that helps you get help with both the original installation and any problems that might come about later.

That’s important because this toilet may leak when it does not sit properly on the floor. It features a button that works as part of a dual flushing system to use just as much water as you need.

A trapway located inside is a little larger in size and has a skirt surrounding the sides to prevent clogs. As it uses a separate tank and bowl, this model is easier to repair and to install. This product also works with some of the different seats made by KOHLER.

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TOTO Aquia


With a dual flushing technology system, the Aquia has a simple push button that you can press one way to use less water or the other way to use more water.

This lets you use 0.9 gallons or a full 1.6 gallons to remove waste from the bowl, though you may find that the smaller option doesn’t always remove all that waste. The button has a convenient location right on the top of the tank.

A skirt that wraps around the base gives it a more elegant look and hides all the components inside that base. It comes with a base and a tank that each ship in a separate box, which makes it easier to carry the whole thing inside your home and set it up in your bathroom.

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American Standard Cadet-3

Two of the best features of this Cadet-3 from American Standard include its slow close seat and EverClean surface coating.

That seat closes at a slower speed to keep it from banging against the top. Its EverClean system is resistant to both mold and mildew as well as common types of germs and bacteria.

As a right height model, it is safe for use in any ADA bathroom, but it’s also tall enough that you can sit down without feeling any pain.

The elongated bowl found on this product has a longer and deeper size but takes up the same amount of space as a round bowl would. It also has WaterSense certification too.

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Renovator’s Supply Round Corner

One of the best ways to save space and make your bathroom look larger is with a product that you can install right in a corner like this one.

Renovator’s Supply designed this one to measure just 18.5 inches across the top, which lets it take up even less space when tucked inside a corner. The manufacturer also added a finish to the china that is resistant to both stains and scratches.

This corner model is also one of the dual flush models that has one button for using a low or an ultra low setting. The low setting uses 1.6 gallons and is suitable for more solid waste.

Its ultra low setting uses only 0.8 gallons per flush but is strong enough for any type of liquid waste.

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WoodBridge T-0001

Though its name makes it sound like something from an action flick, the T-0001 is actually a strong product that is suitable for any home or bathroom.

It has a modern design and uses just one piece that you can install easily, though you may have some trouble reaching the mounting flanges in the base. The trapaway in the base has a glaze coating that helps debris move down smoother to keep that debris from causing clogs.

Flush buttons on the side have clear number one and two markings that tell you which ones are suitable for solid and liquid waste types. Each button produces a different amount of water to work on that waste.

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American Standard FloWise Cadet

An affordable option for those who already have a tank they can use is this Cadet model from American Standard, which comes with just the bowl and not a seat or tank.

The EverClean surface on this product is resistant to the microbes living in your bathroom and inhibit the growth of germs and bacteria. This surface coating can also prevent mold and mildew.

Sitting slightly higher than average off the floor, this model is more comfortable for taller people to use.

It has the same larger trapway found on other American Standard products that lets more go down the trap without objects and waste causing clogs or other problems.

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Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One Piece Toilet

The Sanicompact is not only a very compact toilet, it is an ideal solution for locating in places where more conventional toilets would not be able to be located.

The reason for this is that the Sanicompact uses a macerating system that chops all the waste into a slurry that is then pumped through a 1” pipe to the waste drain. This allows the toilet to be placed up to 9’ below and 20’ away from the main waste drain pipe.

The toilet will also dispose of wastewater from a wash basin as well. It is an ideal solution for a half-bath in a small location. Max length from wall – 21 ¾” Max width (including built-in tank) – 14 ½”

The flush is triggered by a button, either 1 gallon or 1.28 gallons per flush. The flush is timed so the volume of water used is dependent on the water pressure. Click to read more about Saniflo Sanicompact model.

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Danze DC011323WH Orrington Toilet

The Danze Orrington is the second elongated bowl toilet we have selected due to its compact footprint. It has a comfort height seat, that uses thoughtful design to make sure that it takes up no more room than a round bowl toilet would do.

The elongated seat and comfort height, combined with a trip lever flush means that (as long as the rip lever is on the approach side of the toilet) the employees and the public.

New – Danze DC011323WH Orrington ToiletMax length from wall – 28 7/8” Max width (including tank) – 18 ¾”

The way that Danze has reduced the overall dimension of this toilet is by having an elliptical tank. While it is slightly wider than standard it is also less thick. This allows the seat to be set further back. The curved design of the tank follows through on the whole toilet meaning that the base is fully skirted.

The toilet uses only 1.28 gallons per flush meaning that it passes the EPA requirements for Water Sense certification and will be eligible for utility rebates in qualifying areas.

Orrington is ADA compliant. This compliance allows this toilet to fit into restrooms used by the general public and employees. Click to read Danze Orrington full review!

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Compact toilet or Small Toilets: What you should be concerned about

We will be showing you some important aspect of the compact toilet that you should be concerned about before making your purchase:

When picking a small compact toilet, there few factors to consider:

Size of the compact toilet

A typical toilet’s dimensions are around 27′ 1/2” D x 18′ 3/4” W x 26” H.

Needless to say, a “small” toilet should be smaller than these number, but here comes the tricky question. How small should a small toilet be and do they compromise functionality with size?

So far, the smallest toilet I’ve found is 14 x 24.5 x 27 inch and functionality is still there.

Gallon per Flush

Just like a normal toilet, a small toilet has the power to flush down a horse.

Nowadays, American federation requires toilets to use less than 1.6 gallons per flush to achieve maximum flushing power.

Under these circumstances, the small toilets we’re looking for must be equal or less than this while still maintaining adequate performance.


The standard toilet has a rough in length of 12 inches. This is why the toilets we look for must have this rough in length, but don’t worry, all our toilets meet this.

One-piece or Two-Piece compact toilet

Yes, this can make a big difference in terms of size. Generally speaking, one piece toilets are smaller than two piece toilets.

They come in one big unit, unlike two-piece toilets that comes with the water tank and bowl attached separately.

How to Choose the Right compact toilet?

Consider the following, if you want to choose the best small compact toilet for your bathroom:

Is a Corner Model a Good Choice than the compact toilet?

To save space in a tiny bathroom, a corner model can help. These models have a triangular tank that fits tightly in a corner and sits flush with those two walls.

This lets more of the tank remain tucked in an out of the way space and reduces the space that the entire piece needs.

Before choosing a corner product though, you need to find out if your bathroom can accommodate way.

The placement and type of plumbing that you have may not work with this model. You may need to more some pipes to support the product.

What Type of Handle Do You Need?

You can choose between models that use one of two handle types. Many come with a classic handle that looks like a lever.

This lever connects to the valve inside the tank via a chain, and when you press the handle down, the chain lifts up the valve to let water leave.

Newer and more modern options come with a push button that acts like a handle. Others have two buttons that sit side by side. One button uses a lower flow of water, and the other button uses more water to flush.

Will a Mounted Model Work?

In addition to standard models, you may want to use a mounted product to save even more space. These models work with tanks that you install inside the wall.

As the bowl extends out from the wall by just two feet or less, you’ll have more usable floor space in the room.

How Much Space Do You Have Available for the compact toilet?

Not all of these products are as small as the next, which is why you need to look at how much space you have available and pick one that fits in the room.

You need to consider both the width the depth of the bowl as well as the height of the bowl. It’s important to factor in the overall height of the tank too.

What Type of Bowl is best for compact toilet?

The right bowl will save you some extra space and make you feel extra comfortable too. You might like a rounded bowl that sits closer to the tank and extends out less in front. An elongated bowl has more room for you to sit but also takes up more space.

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