Best Corner Toilet Reviews 2020 – Space Saving Triangle toilet buying guide!

The best corner toilet is all you need if you are looking to save space in your bathroom. Space concern is really needed when you are fitting your apartment to your taste and with a lot to put in the bathroom, you need more space.

If you want a more spacious bathroom, then you need to install a corner toilet, especially where you never had enough space to begin with.

Corner toilet types are available in different colors and styles and they come in various water consumption models but they are great in water saving.

Modern technology is used to make sure that these toilets deliver the best bowl cleaning, using only a minimal amount of water.

All such features are well explained below for the best corner toilets that are available in the market today.

One important thing I want to point out here is that the corner toilet doesn’t “save” you precious space in the bathroom. The corner toilet uses your space WISELY.

Corner toilets are mostly used in smaller bathrooms where people try to make use of limited available to them, they come fitted with a triangular tank to fit into the wall crevice, hence they are also referred to as triangle toilet.

With the compact nature of these products, there isn’t as much choice that you get with standard options, however, we have picked out several that may be of interest to you, as well as highlighting their main capabilities.

There is a certain design of the restroom where the best corner toilet is needed. If that is the case, you will have to need a corner toilet without any question.

However, corner toilets do make the restroom look great in many situations. What that matters is if we have found the best corner toilets to install. Many have found the best corner toilets below very interesting.

Best Corner toilet reviews –  Space saving and triangle toilet guide!

American Standard 216AD

Whether you want to save some space in a tiny bathroom or build a brand new powder room, the 216AD is a great option.

American Standard has the exclusive right to use the unique triangular tank found on this model on its products, which lets you install it in any corner.

The manufacturer also uses vitreous china that cleans easily and is resistant to stains.


Cleaning isn’t something you’ll worry about when using this model because of its power wash system, which increases the number of holes around the rim.

Those holes increase the water coming through after you flush and actually scrubs the bowl to keep it clean. American Standard 216AD004.020

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American Standard 270BD

The same triangular tank found on the last model also comes on this product, which is a little less expensive.

This product features the Ever Clean surface designed by the manufacturer to make the bowl easier to clean. That surface is resistant to mold and other microbes but also kills bacteria and is resistant to some stains.

Suitable for use in any bathroom, this one is ADA compliant because it has a standard height and comes with a round bowl.

It also has a larger flapper that is resistant to chemicals like cleaning supplies and won’t break down when exposed to chemicals in the water.

Renovator’s Supply White Round Porcelain

The triangular tank found on this product is a little different than those on other models because it has sharper edges and extra pieces that wrap around the sides to sift flush with the walls in your bathroom.

It has a seat height of just below 15 inches that is a little shorter than others and has a standard 12-inch rough-in. This one also comes with a seat, but the seat uses a plastic material that might be a little uncomfortable.

Its china finish is resistant to stains caused by waste left in the bowl or waste that sticks to the sides. This finish is also resistant to most scratches.

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Renovator’s Supply Ceramic Space Saving

When you want to create a more stylish look in your bathroom, you might prefer this model, which comes with decorative edges around the top of the tank and around the base.

Made from a ceramic material that is resistant to many odors and stains, its finish is also resistant to scratches. It does not come with the floor mounting bolts needed for installation but does come with its own lid.


The round bowl gives you plenty of space but limits how far out the seat extends from the wall. You’ll need a 12-inch rough-in to install this model, which most bathrooms already have.

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Renovator’s Supply Elongated Space Saving


Get all the extra space that you need in your bathroom with this model from Renovator’s Supply that takes up less space.

It features both an elongated base and a matching bowl that is thinner and still helps you sit in a comfortable position. The china finish used on the bowl and the exterior is resistant to common issues like scratches and stains.

With a seat height of 16 inches, this one sits higher off the floor than other models, which further increases your overall comfort. The product has a push button that acts as part of a dual flush system and lets you use 0.8 or 1.6 gallons when flushing.

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American Standard Cadet 3 Triangle Tank

Though this product comes with just the triangular tank and not a base, it uses the Cadet 3 flushing technology that eliminates more waste and makes the bowl look cleaner.

This also allows you to pick the right type of base and select either an elongated or round bowl for your bathroom. It will work with most bases made by the manufacturer.

This tank uses the Ever Clean surface that made American Standard so popular. Not only will it resist some stains and odors, but it also stops germs and bacteria from moving around the room. This surface can even cut back on some odors too.

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American Standard Cadet 3 Round Bowl

When creating the perfect product for use in a corner of your bathroom, consider choosing this bowl from American Standard, which comes with FloWise technology and a round bowl that can save you some valuable space in your bathroom.

This technology works with the trapway to create a more powerful siphon that pulls the waste and water inside the bowl down the train and away from the room.

You’ll also like the Ever Clean surface that requires less cleaning. This surface inhibits the growth of mold and mildew but also keeps the bacteria and germs on the bowl from reaching other areas of the bathroom. The manufacturer used this surface on the bowl and on the rim.

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American Standard 3717D Round Bowl

Another option for those who want to build the perfect toilet for a bathroom is this round bowl from American Standard, which features tiny holes under the rim of the bowl.

Those holes allow the water that comes out of the tank to run down over the sides and rinse away waste to keep the bowl looking and smelling cleaner. As its flapper is larger in size, that water comes down faster too.

Though this model only comes with a bowl, the round shape of that bowl takes up less space. You can use this vitreous china bowl as the base for use with a separate tank.

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American Standard 216BD

When looking for a smaller and more compact product that also has a low consumption design, this model from American Standard will meet all your needs.

Not only is it small, but it also comes with a triangular tank and a design that lets it use only 1.6 gallons when you flush.

The power rim is part of the power washing system, which eliminates more waste from the bowl by using a larger amount of water at a higher pressure.

This one uses the Cadet flushing system that American Standard designed for use on most of its products. It also uses vitreous china that doesn’t show stains as well as other materials can.

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KOHLER Wall Hung Veil

Though not more traditional as some of the other models on our list, this Veil model from KOHLER takes up even less space than the others do because it hangs on the wall.

The tank and all the other parts that you need to use it remain hidden inside the wall too. It even conceals the mounting hardware that comes in the box inside the bowl and uses plastic panels to help you access that hardware once it’s on the wall.

Depending on the layout of your bathroom, you may have the option of mounting this in a corner with or without some extra tools and supplies.

The grip tight seat closes smoothly and silently against the rim and also leans back against the wall to give your back some extra support

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What Is A Space Saving Corner Toilet?

Cornet toilet also known as triangle toilet are meant to open up space in a new or renovated bathroom.

Since they are set in a corner and not centered on a wall in the middle of a bathroom that gives them a much smaller footprint and helps them take up less space.

The key feature on any space-saving corner toilet model is its triangular shaped tank. It helps it fit nicely tucked into a corner as close to the wall as possible.

This helps give your bathroom a more open look and can also help give you more room to add other bathroom fixtures such as showers and bathtubs.

Who Needs A Space Saving Corner Toilet?

Just simply saying that these corner toilet models save you space is sort of underestimating their true value.

They can be used in many different situations that will make better utilization of a smaller bathrooms space or to give an existing bathroom a totally different look.

Here are some great uses for space-saving corner toilets:

Below are some major uses of the best triangle toilet:

To give a bathroom a more open look

Corner Toilets with triangular tanks will really open the space in your bathroom. Go stand along the center of a flat wall in a room and then go stand in the corner of that same room.

You will get an idea of how much more open a room looks when you stand in the corner. That is exactly the impact a space-saving corner toilet has.

They enable you to put a toilet where you did not think there was room

Until corner toilets were designed there were unused spaces in people’s homes where they would have liked to have a bathroom but it simply could not be done.

Corner toilets can no make it possible. It takes very little space to add a corner saving toilet and a sink to add a convenient have a bath to some unused space in your home.

Excellent to use when renovating bathrooms

Maybe you only have a shower in your current bathroom but you always wanted to have a tub shower combination in that bathroom.

The problem is you don’t think there is enough space. Many times if you renovate that same bathroom using a corner toilet model you can gain the space needed to install that tub/shower combo.

The Pros and Cons of Space Saving Corner Toilets


Here are the good and bad things about corner toilet models:

Advantages of Corner Toilet:

  • They will give the bathrooms they are installed in a more open look.
  • You can renovate a bathroom to create more space without tearing down walls.
  • Often times it is possible to add new features to a bathroom such as showers and tubs once a corner toilet has been installed.
  • You can add bathrooms to very small unused spaces in your home.
  • They can be built using many of the same features that make regular toilets ideal to own. These include dual flush systems, more powerful flushes and enhanced water saving capabilities.


Disadvantages of Corner Toilet:

  • These toilets are more difficult to install due to the tight location of the incoming water supply and main drain.
  • The plumbing in and under them is more difficult to access if they need a repair.
  • These style toilets are not as popular as other types of toilets so there are not as many design and color choices.
  • If you are switching from a conventional style toilet in an existing bathroom you will have to relocate the main drain. This means you may have to break up a floor to do it.

Space Saving Corner Toilet Buying Guide

Space saving corner toilet reviews focuses on what to look out for in buying your triangle toilet model.

Here are the key characteristics of a corner style toilets that will make you happy with your purchase if you get the right one:

5 Key Characteristics of a Corner Toilet

Actual dimensions

Not all corner saving toilets are built to the same size. Some are much smaller than stature than others. That is why it’s so important to know the exact dimensions of any corner toilet you are thinking about purchasing.

These dimensions are most accurate when taken from the manufacturer’s specs listed on their website.

Seat height

This makes a big difference when you consider the comfort of who will be the main users of any bathroom that you install your new corner toilet in.

Higher seat heights are best for regular sized and taller adults. Lower seat heights work great for kids and persons of smaller stature.

Water saving features

If you buy a corner toilet model that has such things as dual flushing capability or uses a minimal amount of water when flushing they can save you a lot of money.

They will even go a long way toward paying for themselves over time.

Look for a toilet model that uses less than 1.6 gallons per flush. That will make that toilet an EPA certified water saving toilet model.

Construction material/Surface

You want your corner toilet to hold up well for a long time. When a toilet is made out of such materials as durable vitreous china it will go a long way toward achieving that goal.

Also look for surface additives that make a toilet’s surface very smooth so they inhibit the growth of mold and mildew.

 Powerful flush

You don’t have to sacrifice a good powerful flush just so you can save space in your bathroom with a corner model toilet.

Many of these unique toilets are available with advanced flushing systems that do a nice job of cleaning the entire toilet bowl when their flush is activated.

Space Saving Corner Toilet FAQ’s

Question: Can you locate a space saving toilet in the center of a wall too? I have some ideas about making decorative use out of their triangular design.

Answer: There is no reason you can’t locate a corner style toilet anywhere in a bathroom where there are an existing main drain and a water supply connection. They may look a little funny if you don’t build a decorative box around the tank after you install it.

Question: Is it possible to renovate my bathroom with a corner style toilet and not have to move the main drain.

Answer: Unfortunately this is one of the problems when you switch from a conventional toilet design to a corner toilet model during a bathroom renovation.

You will most definitely have to move the main drain at least a little to accommodate the main drain on your new corner toilet. In some situations, this can involve a lot of extra work.

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