Best Duravit Toilet reviews 2020 – Guide on Selection, Pricing and More!

The Duravit toilet brand history can be traced back to Hornberg in Germany in the 1800s. Duravit is known for high quality toilet products and services.

Duravit toilet are made in Germany nd they specializes in the design, manufacture, assemble and seales of the toilet and bathroom goods and services.

Duravit offers a wide of range of toilets at reasonable prices and in elegant designs. Their toilets also use some flushing systems.

Duravit toilet offers some innovations not available in other ranges, such as Senso wash a remotely operated toilet shower intended for personal hygiene.

We feel they provide some fantastic options to fit a whole range of purposes and bathroom sizes. This enables them to go toe to toe with several of the top brands. Listed below, we outline some of our top picks, along with those offering a more unique design.

Best Duravit Toilet Reviews

This is the most comprehensive and best Duravit toilet reviews:

Duravit 2225090092 Toilet Bowl Wall Mounted Starck 3

In the mid-price range, this wall mounted toilet is available in white. It comes with Durafix 2 mounting. This round shaped toilet is ideal for small areas Dual flush uses washdown flushing technology and uses only three to six liters per flush.

This toilet also boasts flushing rim technology, which results in a perfect flush and allows for the open rim area to be easily accessed for cleaning purposes. The seat is not supplied with the toilet.

Duravit 2120010001 Toilet Starck 3

This modern looking elongated toilet is in the mid price range and is available in white. It is a single piece construction which makes bathroom hygiene easier since there are fewer crevices that can harbor bacteria and dirt.

This toilet comes with a Sensowash mechanism, which is a shower system in the toilet seat designed to offer better personal hygiene. Remote control operates this system. This WaterSense certified toilet uses siphon jet flushing technology. The seat is not supplied but is available with or without soft close technology.

Duravit 113010001 D-Code One-Piece Toilet

This one piece toilet is very reasonably priced. It has an elongated side lever. It is available in white. The siphonic flush system, with its single flush piston valve, uses only 1.28 gallons per flush.

The toilet seat is sold separately. This unit comes with a five-year limited warranty.

Duravit 2103010005 Vero

The 210301 comes from the Vero collection and is model that we would categorize under toilets for tall people simply because it has measures sixteen and a half inches to the tip of the bowl.

When you add in the seating, it will be a couple of inches taller than standard sizes and much better suited to longer leg lengths.

This operates on a siphonic flush that pushes 1.28 gallons through the bowl. This keep water consumption down in a busy household. Over a year, you can expect to save thousands of gallons.

Even though it’s listed as an elongated bowl style, I would say this is more of a rectangular option. Its geometric style gives it a very modern feel, and the hidden trap only compliments the overall theme.

A good choice for someone with unique visions in how their bathroom should look.

Duravit 2157010005 Durastyle Toilet

This toilet has a very modern design, the low-profile square toilet seat and lid gives it quite a unique look. It is at the bottom end of the mid-range of prices and is available in white. Its top-mounted chrome button activates the dual flush system.

Innovative open rim flushing technology results in perfect flushing even with petite water. The open rim is also very accessible, making cleaning easy. The seat is not included. If the buyer chooses to buy the matching seat, it is available with or without soft close technology.

Duravit 2160010000 Durastyle One-Piece Toilet Bowl

At the lower end of the price range, this two-piece toilet is available in white. Oddly it does not come with the tank. The unit has a modern design, which is complimented by the low profile seat and lid.

This Water sense certified toilet has a dual flush, which is activated by a top-mounted chrome button. The innovative open rim flushing technology results in perfect flushing even with microscopic water.

The open rim is also very accessible making cleaning easy. This toilet comes without the seat but can be purchased with or without soft close seat technology.

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Duravit toilet selection considerations

Consider the following before you buy the best Duravit toilet:

Space to place the duravit toilet

Like any other room in your home that you’re planning to renovate or upgrade, you’ll need to understand the amount of floor space you’re working with.

Will you need something compact for a smaller sized bathroom?

Or do you have a rather large room where the size of the loo is of no consequence?

There are products that suit either scenario. In fact, they have a nice bathroom planner which helps with this.

Budget for the duravit toilet

Three things to ask yourself when budgetting. The first will be: Do you want a luxury product that comes with the more advanced features? Options that fall into this category tend to be expensive but are powerful, comfortable, and look great.

Secondly, are you happy with a mid-range unit that meets the everyday requirements in the household? These are the options most people choose as they are a bit more affordable, but still effective and durable enough to last long term.

Then thirdly, do you need a low cost option? There is plenty of availability in this category too, but don’t expect them to contain anywhere near the same qualities as the more expensive products. In our opinion, a budget of between $250 and $500 is usually sufficient enough for most people.

Mounting of the Duravit toilet

There are twp main types of mounting available. Floor mounted items being the most common of them. However, there is a growing demand for wall mounted, also known as suspended toilets thanks to their minimalistic and space saving properties that hides the tank.

Consumer feedback

It don’t matter if you’ve been recommended it by a plumbing professional, friend, or anyone else for that matter. Always look at what consumers are reporting about it online.

You can often uncover flaws that may have unforseen consequences in the future. The last thing you want is something the needs replacing after 6 months or so. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Seat of the Duravit toilet

Find out if the seat is included with your purchase. Several times I’ve gone to the checkout and discovered that I need to purchase it as an extra which can easily set you back another 50 bucks, messing up your budget limit in the process.

Color of the Duravit toilet

Think about how the color is going to impact the surrounding features of the room. Will it clash with the current color theme?

Does it need to match the tiling and paint? Generally speaking, brighter colors such as white, cream, linen, cotton, or bone are the sensible choice as they tend to suit the majority of interiors.

Rough in of the Duravit toilet

Learn what your rough in size is here. Understanding this is key to finding a suitable fit that doesn’t leave too much space behind the tank. 12 inches are common, but you will also come across several that fit 14 and 10 inches respectively.


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