Best EAGO Toilet Reviews 2020 – Full Guide on Selection, Pricing and More!

Eago Toilets are known to be one of the best eco-friendly toilets ever, budget wise, they are one of the best and they are generally pretty to look upon.

We have checked the top range of eago toilets and we are happy to present the top best eago toilets to you from a plethora of eago toilets.

Eago toilets are best in the combination of conservation, modern innovations and designs together with price fairness.

EAGO – toilets are no longer just serving the functionality. Every model has a distinct design and will take its place as well designed part of interior.

EAGO toilets features and main selling points:

Here are some major aspect that sets the eago toilet brand out from the other brands of toilets:

  • Superior Glazing
  • Enlarged 3.3 inches outlet
  • Soft closing/non slam seat
  • Powerful siphonic flush system
  • Dual flush system (selected models)
  • Removable seat (selected models)

Best Eago Toilet reviews

We have selected three best Eago toilet from the list off all their products, you can find the others at the end of this post:

They all have a three inch flushing valve, which is more efficient than the old flapper valve seen in older models and means there is much less chance of needing a repair.

All of the models come with dual flush technology. This technology allows you to select a low pressure flush for liquid waste, saving even more water, and in turn, money, or a longer, more high pressure flush for solid waste.

Eago TB351 Dual Flush Toilet

The Eago TB351 Dual Flush Toilet is designed with comfort in mind. The elongated bowl and comfortable seat make sitting on the toilet a comfortable experience.

The fifteen inch height makes it the perfect height for sitting and standing comfortably. The small tank and curved bowl give this toilet a petite look and the design is unique to this model.

Although the Eago TB351 Dual Flush Toilet didn’t score as highly as the other two models on Amazon, we love this functional model and included it in our top three based on its merits. It’s also the cheapest model we included.

The Eago TB351 Dual Flush Toilet is perfect for anyone who wants comfort and a unique design without the hefty price tag associated with some brands.

We hope you have enjoyed learning a little bit more about our top three Eago toilets. Whichever one you choose, we know you’ll be more than happy with the design and function of the toilet!

Eago TB309 Tall Dual Flush Toilet

The Eago TB309 Tall Dual Flush Toilet boasts a new tower based flushing mechanism. With all of the convenience of the dual flush system, this model also uses a symphonic flush system which negates any need for flushing related repairs.

The tall tank also offers a unique, eye catching design. The rounded bowl means that the toilet can fit easily into a smaller space without looking cramped, but with the added bonus of the tall tank, the toilet doesn’t look too small which can be an issue for the design conscious on most toilets designed to be compact.

Another firm favorite on Amazon, the Eago TB309 Tall Dual Flush Toilet is the ideal model for anyone with a smaller space who wants a toilet designed well enough to not look too little to be functional.

Eago TB353 Toilet

The Eago TB353 Toilet is the most traditionally designed toilet of three. It is sleek and simple, combining straight lines with glistening white ceramic. The toilet is easy to clean due its wider bowl.

The elongated bowl makes sitting on the toilet comfortable, and the chrome finish flushing button adds the perfect final touch to make this toilet practical and traditional in appearance.

The bowl height is just over fifteen inches which is the recommended height for the standard toilet bowl.

The best rated on popular retail sites, the Eago TB353 Toilet is ideal for anyone who wants modern technology with a traditional look and feel.

Popular EAGO toilet Reviews and products for your home today

Here are other eago toilet and bathroom products you really need to check out:

  • EAGO TB351 One Piece Dual Flush High Efficiency Low Flush White Toilet
  • EAGO TB336 Modern One Piece High Efficiency Low Flush Eco Friendly Toilet
  • EAGO TB353 One Piece Dual High Efficiency Low Flush Eco-Friendly Toilet
  • TB108 EAGO Elongated toilet
  • EAGO TB309 One Piece Dual Flush High Efficiency Low Flush White Toilet
  • TB346 EAGO Elongated toilet
  • TB356 EAGO Square front toilet
  • EAGO TB222 One Piece Dual Flush High Efficiency Low Flush White Toilet
  • TB222 EAGO Round front toilet
  • EAGO TB377 ADA Compliant High Efficiency One Piece Single Flush Toilet
  • EAGO TB364 ADA Compliant High Efficiency One Piece Single Flush Toilet
  • EAGO TB133 One Piece Single Flush Eco-Friendly White Toilet
  • EAGO TB340 White One Piece Ultra Low Single Flush Eco-Friendly Toilet
  • EAGO TB359 Dual Flush High Efficiency Low Flush Eco-Friendly White Toilet
  • EAGO TB352 White One Piece Ultra Low Single Flush Eco-Friendly White Toilet
  • EAGO TB326 Modern One Piece Ultra Low Flow Eco Friendly White Toilet
  • WD333 EAGO Wall mounted toilet
  • WD332 EAGO Wall mounted toilet
  • WD101 EAGO Wall mounted toilet
  • EAGO JA1010 White Ceramic Bathroom Bidet
  • Eago HB2050 White Stylish Modern Ceramic Residential Wall Mounted Urinal
  • Eago HB2010 Modern White Ceramic Residential Wall Mounted Sensored Urinal

EAGO Toilet Information

Here is a little more information on eago toilets

Where are eago toilets made?

EAGO toilets are made in China but they have a branch in the USA that manufactures EAGO toilet for the American market.

There are more than 200 network service centre of EAGO in the world, Products and sales network cover the whole Europe, America, Africa, Oceania and Asia, more than 50 countries and districts, and 100 cooperation clients, 350 sales outlets and branches.

Conclusion on the best EAGO toilet reviews

Perhaps EAGO toilets are not quite as sought after as some of the leading brand names in the industry, but they are still one that has caught our attention after finding plenty of units with positive feedback on the web.

One of the first things we noticed in our research was their unique designs. They do tend to come in a nice variety of shapes and sizes, some offering well rounded edges, some more rectangular.

This variety offers people the choice to fit their toilet into spaces of their choosing, and will help them bring their bathroom decor visions to life.


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