Best Eljer Toilet Reviews 2018 [UPDATED AND COMPLETE GUIDE]

Eljer toilets are also a toilet brand that is popular and durable too. Eljer toilets ar eknown for their durability and comfortability during use.

There are plenty of good eljer toilets on the market that are well designed, aesthetically pleasing, and include decent flushing mechanisms.

However, with the amount of choice consumers are presented with, there can be confusion in what to look out for to determine a units overall quality.

But the main questions you should be asking yourself include is the toilet efficient? How powerful is its flush? Does it accommodate people with disabilities? And is it within my budget range? Keep these things at the front of your mind when shopping.

Having conducted our own research, we present our readers with a ranked list of products below based on a set criteria that takes into account the questions above, along with several other important specs.

Best Eljer Toilet Reviews

This is a review of the best Eljer toilets:

Eljer Toilet Models and Ranges

Offering numerous bowl shapes and sizes, a great deal of choice in flush performance, and some exceptional designs, the differing ranges can suit a wide variety of tastes and requirements.

Some to watch out for include:














Considerations before you buy the best Eljer toilet

Consider the following before you buy the Eljer toilet brand:

Shape of the Eljer toilet

The shape of a toilet bowl can vary quite a bit. You may have already found the elongated and round fronted options in your research, but have you given any thought to more unique options like square shaped ones? Small changes like this can really help add a modern touch.

Size of the Eljer toilet

When we think about sizing requirements in a lavatory, we’re not just talking about the dimensions and if it’s small enough to fit, but also the size of the rough in. Both are very important things to get to grips with. Get it wrong, and you could soon be asking for a refund.

Color of the Eljer toilet

Matching the color theme of the room with that of the various hardware installed is easier said than done. In the majority of cases however, you should stick with brighter colors, with a chrome handle. There isn’t many colors this combination won’t compliment.


Think about how much money you’re willing to spend. A average quality product will be around the three hundred bucks mark without the add ones like the seat.

Anything up to five hundred will get you a top rated one that will work well in a residential setting. The low priced options are the ones you need to keep an eye on as they can be very hit and miss when it comes to bulk waste flush performance. Take a step back and think about the needs of your household first.


You get two main choices in this respect. Toilets that are wall hung, and those that are mounted to the floor. Wall hung options are arguable the more aesthetically pleasing of the two, but not everyone has the plumbing set up to do this.

More information on the best Eljer Toilet Brands

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