Best Niagara Toilet Reviews 2020 – Stealth, Flapperless & EcoLogic Toilet Guide!

The Niagara Toilet Brand has been in existence for over thirty years, they have gone to cement their names as the manufacturer of one of the best toilet models that conserve water effectively whilst retaining much of their performance standards.

Niagara toilet are one of the best types of toilet you can get in the market today. They have some terrific designs and innovations that will really enhance the washroom, lowering water consumption and reducing the noise levels of each flush.

The best Niagara toilet have been listed below, we researched and analyzed some of the Niagara toilets made by them to summarize their main features, functionality, and what it’s capable of.

We want to help our readers understand how small inclusions within the design of an individual product can make all the difference to your bathroom and household, especially when considering things like comfort and efficiency.

Niagara toilet is the only ultra-high efficiency toilet on the market and the only ones that uses only 0.8 gallons per flush.

That means you’ll notice an almost instant reduction in your water bills once you get it up and running because it uses so much less water than your old model does.

It also has a whisper quiet design that means no one will hear you flush it, even if you need to flush it a few times.

Best Niagara Toilet Reviews

This is the best Niagara toilet you will find today:

Niagara 77001WHCO1 Stealth

Don’t be fooled by the lower price tag, this model operates on a pressure assisted flush, and despite only utilizing 0.8 gallons of water, it retains a 800 MaP performance rating, which for those unaware, means it handles bulk waste well.

1000 Is the best, 0 the worst. In the majority of cases, we say anything above 600 grams is a sensible choice when it comes to performance.

And if we’re talking about how efficient it is, this is up there with the top products in that respect. A 0.8 gallon flush is highly efficient and certainly meets EPA WaterSense criteria.

Most WaterSense labelled units you come across whilst researching will hover around 1.28 gallons, so this is quite impressive.

Design wise, there isn’t anything in particular that stands out. It’s two piece, but does have an elongated shape bowl that meets the ADA height requirements for comfort and accessibility.

It’s sometimes hard to gauge what people think about some units, with limited feedback available online.

However, that doesn’t appear to be the case here, with plenty of comments and feedback for you to read through to further your understanding about it.

Niagara 22003WHCO1 EcoLogic

There is some similarities between this and its counterpart above. But at the same time some major differences too.

The first thing we noticed when browsing through the specifications was how much more water it consumes. This may be a deal breaker for some people who are looking for that economically friendly option. However, there is some redeeming qualities if you fall into that category.

It’s flapperless which eliminates the water refilling noise from the tank. In smaller, more confined spaces such noise can be a distraction and even irritating.

Again, it’s got a higher rim height, making it a good choice for people with mobility issues, however, this one has a round bowl which is something we typically recommend for smaller washrooms.

It’s inexpensive, but it will require you to buy a seat which can increase the price quite a bit depending on the style you choose.

About the Niagara toilet brand, Models and Ranges

This is a company that has built up a reputation for water conservation and environmentally friendly products.

Right now, this is a brand which offers two main product ranges. The first being Stealth, and the other EcoLogic. Each of these have their own characteristics and specs that separate them, with Stealth offering an impressively low zero point eight gallons in every flush.

This is known as the high efficiency range of the bunch. Then you have the EcoLogic, which as the name suggest is still Eco friendly in many cases, with some one point two eight gallons models as well as the more common one point six.

The savings that can be made in comparison to many standard style flush systems is quite impressive. Innovations include

  • EcoLogic technology {Semtinel)
  • Flapperless toilets
  • Stealth technology (Phantom, Original and One piece)

Considerations before you buy the best Niagara toilet

You have to consider the following before buying the best Niagara toilet:

Rough in size of the Niagara toilet

If you have your previous models instruction manual, you may be able to see exactly what rough in size you need for a replacement. However, if this isn’t possible, we have typed up a small guide to help you out.

Water surface area of the Niagara toilet

The surface area at the bottom of the bowl has a role to play. As a general rule of thumb, the wider this surface area, the better job it does in keeping bad smelling odors down. Ensuring you have a cleaner feeling, hygienic bathroom to enter after use.

Mounting style of the Niagara toilet

How you mount your toilet will depend entirely on circumstances and preferences. For example, fans of wall hanging and carrier options will need a specific set up in place which enables you to place the tank inside your wall.

They look great, but there is a fair amount of work involved with such an installation. Then you have the more traditional floor mounted options. This is the sensible route to take for most consumers because there is a more variety in flushing styles and performance.

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