Best Rear Discharge, Back outlet and Backflush Toilet Reviews 2020

Getting a rear outlet toilet could be the missing part of the puzzle towards completing your dream bathroom. Often built with clean, contemporary lines, they can help improve the overall aesthetics of the room.

Rear flush toilet are also known as Rear Discharge toilet, Back outlet toilet and Backflush Toilet, the names all mean the same thing.

If you are renovating your bathroom or thinking about purchasing a new house, you may want to know more about back flush toilets.

Additionally, the added waste removal power that many of these products are equipped with could make them a sensible choice for the day to day chaos in a modern family household.

Back flush toilets are becoming more popular throughout the country and there are many benefits of this type of toilet that justify this surge in popularity.

As with anything, however, there are also negatives to this type of toilet fixture. It is best to know the pros and cons of both back flush toilets and conventional, floor flushing toilets before you are stuck with one or the other.

Best Rear discharge, back outlet and backflush toilet Reviews

This is the complete reviews on the Best Rear discharge, back outlet and backflush toilet:

Zurn Z5635-BWL Floor Mounted, Back Outlet, Flush Valve Toilet

While this is only the bowl part, this toilet certainly looks amazing.  As long as you are okay with also purchasing a tank and seat for this toilet, then you will be in business.

This bathroom has a bolted design to the floor and wall.This option means that this rear outlet toilet will likely be much sturdier than other toilets that are available on the market.

The design of the bowl makes it, so that there are no hidden nooks and crannies for you to clean. This  style makes it a great addition to a bathroom, because you won’t have to worry about anything gross growing behind your toilet.

Like most bathrooms today, the range for gallons per rinse is around 1.6 to 1.1, depending on a couple of factors within the house.  But this bowl comes with a flush valve system that will increase the power of the flush without needing any more water.

The bowl’s coated glaze inhibits the growth of mold, mildew, and bacteria. That means that this bowl will need a little less cleaning than others.

NIAGARA CONSERVATION N7799 283551 0.8 gpf Stealth Watersense High-Efficiency Elongated Toilet Bowl with Rear Outlet, White

This toilet is another great one.  This one, in particular, boasts a gallon per flush of only 0.8.  That is one of the lowest gpfs that you might see on any list.  But this toilet also has high-efficiency flush built into to it, so there will be almost no issues getting a great flush with as little water as you’re using.

While you’ll often see a similar model to this toilet come as a floor flushing toilet, this one is a rear outlet toilet.  That means that all that high power and efficiency comes with a bath that will help hide all of the pipes and things that you need.


There’s one downside to purchasing this bowl, and that is that you’re likely to have to find a tank to go with it when you’re looking at buying this one.

But that doesn’t discredit how amazing this particular toilet is.  Many toilet bowls come as separate pieces, especially when you’re looking online for the parts.  This kind allows you to find the parts that not only fit, but are up to your tastes and standards.

GERBER PLUMBING back flush toilet

This toilet also has a pressure assist built into it, and every part of the toilet is made to make it even more efficient and easy to use.  This bathroom will completely rinse the bowl and push waste through a large 3-inch trapway.

Without tools, the tank to bowl mounting sysem is easy to adjust and tighten,  if you notice any stability issues with the toilet. Besides being easy to fix, this rear outlet toilet also has a floor mount built into it.  This mount will make the toilet even more stable.

Kohler K-3652-0 Barrington Pressure Lite Toilet with Elongated Bowl and Left-Hand Trip Lever, White

This toilet is another great one that’s harder to get your hands on.  Again that doesn’t make it impossible, but it doesn’t make it more difficult for someone that wants this particular toilet.

It comes in the standard white that most other toilets do as well as an off-white.  Both colors have a straightforward and elegant design.

This toilet has the wall mount and the floor mount, which means that it is pretty stable compared to other rear outlet toilets.  Compared to other toilets, this one can be a little pricier.  Of course, that comes from the fact that it comes with all of the parts.

That is harder to find with rear outlet toilets, so if you don’t want the hassle of trying to find compatible parts for a bathroom, this one will save you time and energy for this parts.

American Standard 2876.016.020 Yorkville Pressure-Assisted Elongated Toilet, White

This rear outlet toilet is truly a great one.  Besides the fact that it comes with almost every part, this one just looks nice and works well.

Of course, you may run into issues with this toilet like you would with any other toilet, but this one should work for a good long time before you have to even think about getting rid of it or replacing it.

This particular toilet does not come with the ring that is needed to seal up the connection from the toilet to the wall, but that isn’t hard to remedy.

While many people expect to need a Neoprene seal, you can use a high-grade wax seal instead, and it will work just fine.  Just be aware that you will need this ring before you try to install the toilet.

Bundle-16 Elongated Toilet with Sanibest (4 Pieces) Finish: White


When it comes to installing toilets, it is pretty difficult at times to make sure that everything that is necessary is there.  Even when it comes down to installing it, you might run into issues with the wall or floor when you’re trying to set up a new bathroom.  When floor flushing toilets don’t work, you turn to rear outlet toilets.  When you want to set up a bathroom in a part of a house, where there aren’t a ton of pipes, then it might be useful to turn to something like this toilet and the Sanibest.

Not only does the toilet look nice and function well, but if you’re setting up your bathroom somewhere and don’t want to have multiple pipes running all over the place, then this toilet and its system can help out.

The Sanibest will take any water from showers, sinks, and the toilet along with any solid waste and grind it up, so that it can be suctioned out through a single smaller pipe.

While it might seem annoying to some people to have to deal with a bulky item behind their toilet, there are items to purchase that will allow you to hide the Sanibest in the wall.



While the rear outlet toilet might be rarer than the floor flush versions, it is certainly beneficial to those that can’t tear up their floor or that just want something that looks a little bit sleeker.  This kind of toilet will also make your area look nicer.  You could even find wall mounted models to make the floor near the bathroom easier to clean.


What is a Rear Discharge toilet or Back Outlet Toilet?

A back outlet toilet, also referred to as a rear outlet toilet or back flush toilet, is different from a standard toilet in that instead of the plumbing going down below the toilet in the way that we are most accustomed to, it goes into the wall behind the toilet.

There are several reasons you may need a rear outlet toilet. Here are just a few:

  • You are remodeling or renovating a bathroom where the existing pipes are already run through the wall behind the toilet
  • Your bathroom sits on a concrete slab or other orientation where it is not feasible to run pipes below the toilet
  • Your bathroom is above another floor where the ceiling below does not provide room for downward piping
  • The clean lines and minimal footprint of a back outlet toilet works best in the tight confines of many smaller bathroom and half-baths


In short, you can install a rear outlet toilet where you never before thought it possible.

Whether you are looking for a floor-mounted or a wall-hung toilet with tank, here are some of the top rated back discharge toilets to consider for your home, garage, office, or other location.

Back flush toilet Pros and Cons

Here are the advantages and disadvantages of the rear discharge toilet:

Back Flushing Toilet Pros

One of the most commonly cited benefits of back flushing toilets is their appearance as compared to conventional, floor flushing toilets. Back flushing toilets create much cleaner lines for your bathroom, which gives your bathroom space a more modern and sleek appearance.

Back flushing toilets also hide all of the pipes and plumbing fixtures that are often left exposed with floor flushing models, which also increases aesthetic appeal.

One of the sentiments that is often repeated to the benefit of back flush toilets is that they often feature more flushing power than their floor flushing counterparts. Often, this is due to pressure-aided devices in back flushing toilets that assist in the flushing process.

Back Flushing Toilet Cons

One of the main negatives for back flushing toilets is that they are still not as widely produced or installed as conventional, floor flushing models.

As a result of this, back flushing toilets are still something of a boutique market, and the corresponding costs associated with them are often higher as a result.

Back flushing toilets are typically more expensive than their floor flushing counterparts, and there are fewer options to choose from, meaning that if you are installing a new unit or replacing an old one you will have fewer options in terms of appearance and color.

Back flush toilets have a reputation for being slightly less stable than floor mounted models. Since they are bolted directly to walls, they can become loose over time and will need to be readjusted regularly in some cases.

Back flush toilets have a number of proprietary connections and parts that are not seen in floor flush models, and as a result of this increased complexity there are more instances of leaking in back flush toilets than in floor mounted models.

The diagnosis and repair of these leaks can also be more complicated due to having more seals to check.

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