Best RV Toilet Reviews 2020 – Toilet for Campervan, Motorhome, Vans etc!

RV toilet and motorhome toilet makes you feel more confident and comfortable especially when you are far from home and touring the whole world. This toilet type are movable and portable.

There are many types of moving home like RVs, camper vans, trailers and one thing is common, they all need a toilet so you can carry out nature’s business properly.

When you have decided to be on the road for long and you already have everything in place to make your journey memorable with a comfy sleeping arrangement, kitchen and cooking equipment, cozy living quarters and the most important of all the best RV toilet are key when it comes to living in a motor home.

If you are traveling long distances, it might always not be easy to find a convenient washroom. And to add it all, you might not even be comfortable using the toilet in a strange place. Which is when the importance of having your own RV toilet becomes imperative.

Are you looking for the best recreational vehicle toilet? Individuals, especially travel trailer owners would go for the best RV toilet that is functional and especially designed not just for traveling but also for camping and more.

Since most shoppers are concerned about their budget, they usually go for reasonably priced RV toilet but choose the one that does not compromise comfort and quality.

Best RV Toilet Reviews

After hours of efforts, our toilet experts made a list of best RV toilet 2018. While making the list our experts visited the regional market to see the models physically. They examined hundreds of RV toilet models in order to make perfect panoply.

Whatsoever, they also read thousands of customer reviews in Amazon. That’s why we can declare with confidence that those are the best RV toilet of this year. Check the reviews at a glance.

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet, White

Class is the word can describe the Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet. It is one of the best RV toilets of this era with outstanding appearance and advanced technology.

It comes with latest PowerFlush Technology and a full-size ceramic bowl which is beautiful and comfortable to use as well.

The installation of this toilet is super simple with only two bolts. Apart from this the price is inexpensive for such quality.

The Dometic 310 RV toilets provide powerful flush, it is sturdy, it is comfortable, it is easy to clean and it has all the features included that you desire.

Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet

Need a RV toilet that will present you home like feeling? In that case, consider the Thetford 31672 Aqua-Magic V Toilet which is constructed for RV with home like design. However, the height of the seating is standard which makes it comfortable to use.

The Design of this RV toilet is ergonomic and attractive. Besides, it is very easy to install and use. It offers full bowl coverage flush that is very powerful as well. The seat of the toilet is also very comfortable. Besides, those tremendous features, this toilet is the best RV toilet for the money as well.

Thetford 42058 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet, High / White

Nothing can beat the Thetford 42058 Aqua Magic Style II Toilet with its appearance. It is one of the best RV toilets with magical style.

Therefore, it provides flush with 100% bowl coverage with a new flush valve that cleans entirely in every single flush.

Besides, it is easy to install and use. Cleaning this RV toilet is also effortless. The seat is comfortable and seating height is also standard. Therefore, it is one of the best RV toilets for the value as well.

Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet w/ Hand Spray, White

The Dometic 300 Series Standard Height Toilet is another powerful option in our panoply. It comes with triple jet action flush system that cleans waste entirely.

However, it also features innovative drop away ball and valve system which makes it more beneficial as well.

Therefore, the Dometic 300 series toilets come with standard seating height with comfortable seat. Apart from those features it is very easy to install and offers 360 degree cleaning action as well. The construction of this RV toilet is decent and the price is very reasonable also.

Aqua-Magic Residence Low Profile, White RV Toilet – Thetford 42170

The name Thetford is the name of trust in toilet industry. They provide the most efficient toilet products that are made of first class materials. However, the Aqua-Magic Residence Low Profile White RV Toilet is another best RV toilet of this company.

It is premium RV toilet with sturdy construction. Yet it is lightweight with residential seating design. It will provide you comfort like home in your RV. Besides, it offers powerful flush that can clean waste like a boss.

It is so far made in the USA. For all the angles it is one of the best Toilets of this age. Buy it immediately or the stock will turn out soon!

Camco 41541 Portable Toilet – 5.3 gallon

With 5.3 gallon detachable holding tank this Comco 41541 Portable toilet is another incredible addition for outdoor activities. Whether it is outdoor family picnic besides sea, hiking on the trail or any other outdoor parties this toilet will prove to be beneficial.

It comes with sealing slide valve that locks in odors and provides extreme protection against leakage. The construction is whatsoever sturdy with durable polyethylene materials.

It has large tank capacity with side latches that keeps the tank securely to the toilet. it is extremely portable and can carry wherever you wish to. It is lightweight and super simple to emptying as well.

Thetford 31647 Aqua-Magic V Toilet, Low / Hand Flush / Parchment

With superior construction this Thetford 31647 Aqua-Magic V Toilet already overwhelmed the mind of lots of users. It offers powerful full bowl coverage flush that provides ultimate cleaning performance. Therefore, the seating height of this toilet is standard and the seat is comfortable as well.

Besides, the design is attractive and economical which will provide you home like feelings anywhere you wants.  Most of the case perfect RV toilets cost much but it is entirely different in this case.

As, the price range is completely in the reach level of all class people. At present it is considered as one of the best RV toilet for performance and money.

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet

Palm Springs Outdoor 5 Gal Portable Outdoor Camping Recreation Toilet is the last addition in our panoply. But don’t think it is poor in quality. Even it is recommended by lots of outdoor experts and toilet experts to use in the RV.

It is perfect for camp site, boat, RV and other outdoor activities. It is a completely portable model with less weight than other existing toilets. However, the construction of this toilet is superior and it is designed with class materials. It looks attractive and it will last couple of years without any issue.

What is an RV Toilet?

Before we proceed with the discussions, let’s first talk about what an RV toilet is. Basically, an RV toilet is the toilet you install in the bathroom of your recreational vehicle.

Humans need to complete the process of getting rid of bodily waste through urinating and defecating. We also need the convenience of a hygienic and comfortable living situation while we are on a road trip.

Having an RV toilet installed in your vehicle has a lot of advantages and benefits. First off, it offers high standards of hygiene. If you keep your RV bathroom well maintained, you may as well eat a sandwich inside. Another benefit is convenience RV toilets offer.

You won’t have to stop at each gas station just to go to the toilet. Stopping on the side of the road will also never be an option if you have one of these.

RV Toilets are also highly portable, unlike the regular toilets installed in our homes. It is very easy to use, as it has its own flushing system. You will never have to stress yourself with getting a bucket of water to flush the toilet.

To add, it is also easy to install. These RV toilets come with a manual or a guideline on how to install the unit properly. Having an RV toilet installed is vital especially if you love going on long trips with your family.

Types of RV Toilets

After discussing the top five picks for the best RV toilet, let’s talk about five of its most popular types. You may also use this section as a factor in considering the best one out there.

Gravity Flush RV toilet

This is considered the most traditional one and has been tested for RV’s for decades. It utilizes the simplest form of flushing and must be installed directly on top of the waste holding tank.

Macerating Flush RV toilet

This type of flush features motor-powered blades that macerate waste before it goes down the holding tank. This type of flushing technology allows the tank and the toilet to be separate from each other. Because of the maceration, the holding tank’s effluent is more fluid than other types of toilets.

Vacuum Flush RV toilet

A stored vacuum vessel, as well as macerating pump, pulls the bowl contents from the toilet bowl. Like the previous type, the flushing technology allows the toilet and the holding tank apart from one another. The vacuum flush toilet is also convenient to use because it can be placed anywhere in a motorhome.

Cassette RV toilet

The technology on this one offers a compact toilet bowl that is installed permanently over a waste tank. These are primarily designed for use on campervans and caravans. When used, the contents of the bowl drop directly into the tank.

Portable RV toilet

These are lightweight plastic or stainless toilet bowl that comes with a waste tank. One thing to note about this is that you have to remove the lower tank in case the waste tank is already full. You can reconnect it once you have cleaned the bowl.

Essential Factors to Consider in Choosing the Best RV Toilet

Before we conclude this discussion, it would be vital for you to know what makes a great RV toilet. So in this section, we are going to discuss some of the essential factors to consider in choosing the best RV toilet.

Hygiene of the RV toilet

Hygiene may be considered as the most important factor to consider in choosing an RV toilet to buy. You need to choose a toilet that will not have any leakages and will not spread bacteria.

Features of the RV toilet

A lot of the models presented above have different features and you need to examine them thoroughly. Make sure you buy one that will be a great benefit for your road trip.

Easy Installation of the RV toilet

RV toilets are very easy to install. You just have to make sure that you buy one that will also be very easy to repair. Size can also be considered because the small ones are easier to install than the bigger ones.

Extra Amenities

This would include the flushing system, as well as the other additives such as hand sprays and spouts. This can also be a defining factor as you can have extra amenities for the price of one.

Price of RV toilet

In choosing the best RV toilet, price should be the last thing you have to consider. Make sure you don’t buy one that is cheap and is made of poor quality materials. To add, if you want a long lasting one, go for the more expensive ones as they are guaranteed to be more high quality.

Best RV Toilet Paper Reviews

​Think you can use just any old brand of toilet paper in your RV? Think again. The camping toilet paper you use can also clog your black tank if you don’t use the right stuff.

Camping toilet paper should disintegrate quickly in water. Lots of people claim to use Charmin Ultra Soft or Angel Soft brands without any issues. Still, how do you know what is the best RV toilet paper?

There are certain types of ‘normal’ toilet paper that you can generally put down your black tank. TP labeled ‘septic safe’ is usually RV safe toilet paper.​

If you aren’t sure if what you pick is safe or not, fear not. There’s a super simple test you can do.

Testing Your Toilet Paper for RV Friendliness

Get a jar and partly fill it with water. Get one sheet or two of your toilet paper. Put it in the jar so that it is completely wet.

Then, shake the jar a couple of times. Let sit for an hour or so and then shake again. If it doesn’t shred, you might want to steer clear.

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