Best Sterling Toilet Reviews 2020 – Guide on Selection, Pricing and More!

Sterling toilet have been around since the early ‘90s according to their website. They have been in the production of wide ranges of bathroom features and accessories including baths, showers, sinks, and of course, toilets.

It is no longer news that the company is a subsidiary of the Kohler toilet company but this does not in any way covers hinders and block their specialty that has gotten lots of positive reviews and feedbacks from costumers.

The sterling toilet brand comes in various ranges, styles, flush mechanisms, and overall efficiency of their products. By looking at all this criteria, we ranked them up amongst the best toilet brands.

Best sterling toilet Reviews

This is the review of the best sterling toilet for you

Sterling 402088-0 Rockton

The 402088-0 is another unit operating on dual flushing technology. A lower flow flush (0.8 GPF), and a heavier one (1.6 GPF), could potentially help you save up to twenty four thousand gallons of water a year in a household of four people.

Externally, the tank is a fair amnount slimmer than some, giving it a low profile look. The bowl is elongated which has a rim extension which has an important role to play in keeping users comfortable.

It includes a limited five year warranty, and could be a option for budgets suited to mid-range price points.

However, compared to some big names on the market, there isn’t a whole lot of buzz surrounding it in the form of consumer feedback.

Sterling 402078-0 Windham

With the bountiful availability of elongated toilets flooding the market, it’s always nice to have a bit of an alternative choice.

And that’s exactly what this model provides with a rounded front bowl. Both have their advantages, and this one in particular is designed to take up less space, making it ideal for those of you wanting something that’s compact for smaller sized bathrooms.

In addition to this, the glossy finish goes well with the siphon action flush, to produce a clean bowl, effectively removing waste using just 1.28 gallons with each flush.

A sensible, environmentally friendly option that makes great water savings over the course of a year. Includes a trip lever to push waste out rather than buttons.

The water surface at the bottom of the bowl measures nine by eight inches, which is larger than average and is specifically designed to keep odors down and to a minimum.

All in all, this is a low budget option, that isn’t particularly large, and maintains a decent feature list making it a suitable option for home usage.

Sterling 402025-0 Karsten

Again, you’re looking at a WaterSense compliant toilet that, according to the manufacturer, may enable you to save up to twenty four thousand gallons of water on the lower flush setting.

The simple, yet effective dual flush technology gives users the option to deal with differing types of waste differently.

You can use the zero point eight option for liquid, and one point six which is probably more effectively used for solid and bulk waste that requires a little more power. This operates on a two – push button system located on top of the tank.

The rounded front ensures it will make good use of the installation area and save space.

An additional inclusion is the sanitary guard which has a job in ensuring liquid doesn’t get to places it shouldn’t such as under the tank.

Slightly more expensive than the toilet above, but still a good amount listed in the specifications to offer decent flushing performance, and Eco friendliness.

Sterling 402375-0 Stinson

An elongated model providing a nice, white, minimalist design that’s both elegant and stylish. Certainly an option for the modern bathroom and fans of two piece units.

Looking at the main feature list, we see that it uses up to 1.6 GPF and runs on a siphonic flush which has been known to do a good job in the bulk removal of waste.

The jury is out on whether that is the case on this model,  but in the past that has held true. Flush is activated via use of trip lever attached to the tank.

User comfort is always something we look into, and the fact that it’s ADA compliant says a lot about the design as they are generally taller and more accessible than traditional toilets.

It’s not particularly large either, measuring 29 inches by 17.4 inches by 29.9 inches.

With the price tag reasonably affordable, and a five year limited warranty policy, this could be an option worth researching into further.

About the Sterling toilet brand

Sterling Toilet are a company of KOHLER, who are well known in the toilet manufacturing industry, and produce plenty of high quality bathroom goods and flushing toilets.

This sub brand also produce a number of fixtures and hardware relating to toilets, showers, and other plumbing fittings.

They were founded in 1907 and were acquired by KOHLER in 1984. So plenty of years’ experience to build up the reputation they enjoy today.

Sterling Toilet Models and Ranges

Numerous ranges will offer differences in design and functionality. Some of the most popular options and models of sterling toilet include

  • Rockton
  • Karsten
  • Windham
  • Riverton
  • Stinson

There is plenty of variety in terms of bowl and tank shape, flushing type and efficiency. A broader range of choice gives consumers a better chance of finding a good fit for their needs.

Considerations before you buy a sterling toilet

Consider the following before you purchase the sterling toilet

Color of the sterling toilet

A bit of planning goes a long way in helping you find a solid color theme where the tiles, faucets, loo, and paint, all work together well and complement each other. White or colors on that end of the brightness spectrum are sensible options.

Feedback from consumers

Take into account what the customer’s thoughts are. With firsthand experience of using the product, they can help you understand the positives and negatives before you make a mistake and part with your cash.

Dimensions of the sterling toilet

Think about what the maximum amount of space you’ll have available. There is no point going for something large and not suitable for average sized or compact washrooms.

Bowl height of the toilet

Do you think someone in the household will require a taller toilet, that fits ADA criteria, or will you be happy with standard height?

The difference between them is a couple of inches, but it can make a significant difference if you’re looking to be more comfortable whilst seated.

Rough in of the sterling toilet

It’s not as simple as finding a unit that meets your preferences. While that may play a part, you should also ensure you know what your rough in size is.

You can use our simple guide for that. The average home is going to need a 12 inch size, but there are cases, especially with older plumbing installations, that need a 14 or 10 inch unit.


Compared to some of its competition they offer some affordable options for those working with a tight budget.

Just remember that if you’re looking for cheaper, you can usually expect a downgrade in flush performance.

However, if you’re happy to spend a bit more, we recommend not going over five hundred bucks as that tends to be enough for an option with power, efficiency, and durability.

Features of a sterling toilet

Here are some popular features of the sterling toilet:

  • Bowl Shape = Elongated and Round front.
  • Height (Floor to Bowl Rim) = Standard (17″ or less), Luxury Height (greater than 17)
  • Flush Type = Single Flush, Dual Flush.
  • Gallons per Flush = 1.28GPF, 1.6GPF, 0.8/1.6GPF
  • ADA Compliant = Not all
  • Trip Lever Location = Left, Top, Right
  • Rough-In = 12Inches (standard), 14inches, 10Inches
  • WaterSense Certified = YES
  • Skirted = NO

More Information on Sterling Toilet

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