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Out of all the TOTO toilet, we want to show you the very best TOTO toilet in the market today. TOTO is one of the most popular, one of the best toilet brands and well recognized toilet manufacturer in the world today.

They are in the business of making wide range of toilets and it can really be so daunting to know where to begin the search for your best toto toilet.

As part of our proven record as the toilet homepage of the internet, we have gone ahead to prepare a compilation of the best toto toilet for you.

We have the most advanced and sophisticated toto toilet, automated versions and even the basic popular toilets, whatever toto toilet you select from this list, be assured that you are selecting the best.

Who produced the best Toto toilets

TOTO is definitely the leader of the pack in the toilet producing industry, the price for a toto toilet hovers around medium to very expensive because they always give out quality.

The best toto toilets tend to cost more than the competition, they tend to give you a toilet bundle that has seen success with other consumers around the world.

Among the best toto toilet ranges include

  • The Drake
  • Ultramax
  • Soiree
  • Supreme
  • Ultimate
  • Legato
  • Guinevere
  • Neorest series

There are so many models in the ranges and it may be difficult to choose the very best toto toilet but we have got you covered. We have made recommendations for the best TOTO toilets in different categories, taking into account all kinds of toilet settings and preferences.

The large selection of models by the company means that there is something for everyone. They have a long list of models that often get newer versions so that customers that upgrade their toilets every few years have the option of staying in the same series.

Their notable series are Aimes, Aquaia, Carlyle, Carolina, Carusoe, Clayton, Connelly, Dartmouth, Drake, Entrada, Guinevere, Legato, Lloyd, Maris, Neorest, Nexus, Promenade, Rowan, Soiree, Supreme, Ultimate, Ultramax, Vespin, Washlet, Whitney and Willingham.

It is the longest list of models for a toilet company in the world, and many of them already have a version 2 out in the series. Most notable on that list is Neorest which has 4 in its series namely the 550, 550H, 700H and 750H.

This is their most expensive series and also the one they are most famous for. But in the entire lineup customers will have a choice of old school two piece toilets or new school one piece toilets. It’s a varied mix that will keep you busy for hours at a time.

Best toto toilet reviews

This is where you have been waiting for, here we will point out the very best toto toilets in each of the section and models:

Toto Drake II ADA Toilet

The Toto Drake is a conventional design 2-piece toilet. It has an elongated seat and a comfort height. When a seat (which must be purchased separately) is added this makes the toilet meet the specifications for ADA compliance.

There is a choice of left or right-hand lever flush to satisfy the ADA requirement that the lever must be on the approach side of the toilet.

The Drake is a single flush toilet and uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The toilet uses Toto’s GMax flush system to give increased power and cleaning action. With the enlarged trap way, the toilet becomes virtually clog free. Click to see the full review of Drake II Toilet.

Toto 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500

The Toto Washlet 1.28-GPF/0.9-GPF Washlet with Integrated Toilet G500 is a compact, one-piece, skirted toilet and bidet combination.

It is one of the very few dual flush toilets that meet all the requirements of ADA compliance. Although other dual flush toilets meet the height and bowl specifications for ADA compliance, they do not meet the levered flush requirement.

This model is also on our best seller toilets list.The Washlet overcomes this by having an automated flushing mechanism. The Toto Washlet is a technology-packed toilet in both the construction and electronically controlled features.

With Toto’s 3D Tornado flush system which uses a series of nozzles to increase the flushing capability of the water usage is minimized with no loss of flushing capability. In combination with the ultra-smooth ceramic glaze, this helps keep the toilet cleaner for longer and minimizes the need for manual cleaning.

The toilet has an automatic opening and closing of the lid, which then triggers the automatic flush. The seat is heated and the washing feature of the bidet can be adjusted for both direction and temperature.

These functions along with the variable warm air drying can be adjusted via the wireless remote control pad.

Toto  Vespin II Two-Piece High-Efficiency Toilet

The Toto Vespin II is a two-piece toilet with an elongated bowl shape and universal seat height. The bowl shape and seat height combined with a chrome trip lever mean that the toilet is ADA compliant and, as long as the trip lever is on the approach side of the toilet.

Being AFA compliant means that this toilet can be fitted in restrooms that are used by the public or employees, also for small bathrooms.

The high-efficiency double cyclone (which Toto are now calling the Tornado flush) flushing system, using only 1.28 gallons of water per flush, complies with the EPA Water Sense certification requirements.

The SanaGloss finish to the toilet (now renamed CeFiONtec in some Toto literature) keeps the bowl cleaner for longer and reduces the frequency you need to manually clean the toilet.

TOTO Eco Soiree Elongated One Piece Toilet

The Toto Eco Soiree is a one-piece toilet with a SanaGloss finish. The toilet uses the high-efficiency double cyclone flush system (which Toto are now calling the Tornado flush).

This system uses only 1.28 gallons of water per flush and complies with the EPA Water Sense certification requirements as a high-efficiency toilet.

Water sense toilets are eligible for rebates in certain municipalities and are a mandatory requirement for installation in other, such as Los Angeles.

The SanaGloss finish to the toilet (now renamed CeFiONtec in some Toto literature) keeps the bowl cleaner for longer by reducing staining and the growth of bacteria and microbes.

The toilet is ADA compliant (when installed with trip lever located on the side that the toilet is approached from) in terms of height and shape of the seat. The toilet comes complete with a soft closing seat and lid.

TOTO Supreme Elongated One Piece Toilet

The Toto Supreme Toilet has been in production for about 10 years but still looks very modern. It is a single piece toilet with a low profile tank. The toilet has a standard 12” rough-in and will be a direct swap for many existing toilets.

Although the toilet has an elongated seat design, it is slightly lower than many of the currently produced toilets. Later designed toilets are designed to be within certain height ranges to suit ADA compliance.

This lower seat height may make it more suitable for a location with younger users. The toilet is supplied complete with a chrome trip lever and a soft close seat.

Toto Neorest Dual Flush Toilet

The Toto Neorest with a dual 1.0 GPF and 0.8 GPF flush is one of Toto’s more sophisticated designed toilet and Washlet (Toto’s name for a bidet) combined.

This is a technology-packed toilet that uses a combination of electronics and surface treatments to provide a highly efficient toilet suitable for use by people of all abilities.

The surface glaze is Toto’s SanaGloss finish that minimizes the possibility of anything sticking to the surface. There is a dual 1 gallon and 0.8-gallon flush which is delivered using the Cyclone high-efficiency siphon jet flushing system.

The toilet is well within the Water Sense guidelines of 1.28 gallons per flush. The toilet uses the Toto eWater+ system that sprays ionized water into the bowl shortly after it is flushed.

The eWater acts in a similar way to bleach in the effectiveness of the cleaning action but without adding any chemicals to the water system. The size of the toilet meets both ADA and Universal Design specifications to ensure that the toilet is suitable for people of all abilities.

TOTO Ultramax II Elongated One Piece Toilet

The Toto Ultramax II Het Double Cyclone is a smooth curved one-piece toilet with a single, lever operated flush. Unlike many other toilets, this toilet is supplied complete with a soft close seat.

The height of the seat, the elongated bowl design, and the lever operated flush all combine to make the Ultramax II ADA compliant. There is an option to have the tank with a lever either side to fully comply with the ADA requirement that the flush lever is on the approach side to the toilet.

The low consumption flush of only 1.28 gallons per flush (GPF) means that this toilet is EPA Water Sense certified. This Water Sense certification allows for rebates on water conserving toilets in many areas.

TOTO Aquia Dual Flush Elongated Two-Piece Toilet

The Toto Aquia Dual Flush Toilet has a close coupled two-piece design. On the top of the tank are two chrome buttons that are used to trigger either of the two flushes; a full flush of 1.6 gallons and a partial flush of 0.9 gallons. The toilet meets the EPA Water Sense specification for dual flush toilets.

The toilet with a seat (which must be purchased separately) is what Toto refer to as ‘universal height’. This means that the shape and height of the seat meet the requirements of the ADA specifications, but due to having a flush triggered by buttons rather than a lever, the toilet is not fully compliant.

Best Toto Toilets – Brief history of the TOTO toilet brand?

TOTO has been trusted over the years for its innovation in toilet design and manufacturing of modern toilets. Even their competitors have taken up the baton from them,

Toto really became a major manufacturer of toilets after the 1923 Kanto earthquake which destroyed much of Tokyo. As part of the rebuilding, a sewerage system was built, increasing the need for toilets.

For the 1964 Olympics, Toto developed a system of building modular toilets and a total of 1,044 toilets were installed in the new build accommodation.

In 1977, Toto developed the Washlet. The Washlet was a toilet set that sat on a conventional toilet and converted it into a combination toilet and bidet.

By the 1990s, Toto had moved into the North American market bring a whole new range of innovative toilets to the rather staid US designs.

By 1993 Toto had developed the Neorest range, which brought a whole new level of automation to the humble toilet.

The toilet incorporated the Washlet bidet and had high levels of automatic functions that at the time were just seen as a marketing gimmick, but were soon accepted as a practical solution for less able persons.

Toto continues to innovate. Whether it is a low water usage high-efficiency flush system or specialist glazed finish to the bowl to keep it cleaner for longer by resisting staining and reducing the growth of mold and bacteria.

Some of the more technologically advanced toilets have a system that is called eWater. This eWater acts in a similar way to bleach that is sprayed into the bowl after a flush. The only difference is that there are no harmful chemicals put into the wastewater.

Toto manufactures such a wide range of toilets, and each toilet can have several variations included in it. To make matters easier, in our Toto toilet reviews, we have given descriptions of the base toilet and the features included.

When you find the toilet that best suits your needs, you can then view the various options, such as the side the trip lever is located, the rough in (10″ / 12″ / 14″), or the type of seat. This way, you can then customize the individual toilet to give you the best Toto toilet to suit your requirements.

Best TOTO Toilet prices?

TOTO toilets are affordable for almost everyone, but there are also very high value ones too. Basic models can run about $250 right now on Amazon, while more advanced models that have all of the automatic features you may want can be priced above $2,000.

The average price right now, however, is about $400 for a good toilet. Our reviews cover pricing on TOTO models, so be sure to check for the level of affordability that each model has as part of the fact-based informational review you’re undertaking


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