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Touchless toilet is a type of toilet that is fixed and fitted with a smart flushing system, this ensures that you do not need to touch any surface or pull any lever to flush this type of toilet.

The major concern here is to prevent the user from interacting with toilet, this is coming on the back of the fact that there are so many contaminable bacteria and germs in the bathrooms and toilets.

This touchless toilet aims to limit your contact and thus promoting better hygiene for you and ensuring your overall well-being and safety.

Best Touchless Toilet Reviews

This is the compilation of the best automatic toilets reviews:

American Standard 2794119.20 Studio

As a brand, American Standard are up there as some of the best. The 2794119.020 is relatively unknown judging from our consumer research online.

However, going on what we know so far, this is a two piece design from the Studio activate hands free range. Thanks to a combination of a concealed trapway and smooth edges, I think it looks great, with quite a contemporary theme.

Additionally, its water conservation is within the Environmental Protection Agencies WaterSense criteria, using just 1.28 gallons of water, which the manufacturer says can grant you savings of up to twenty percent. It’s quite a significant percentage when you add it all up over three years or so.

The flush mechanism is activated via sensors, and like its competition, will flush by simply waving your hand over it, and is located at the side rather than the top, which tends to be more common. However, by doing so, they free up space to store things on the lid, which can come in handy.

KOHLER K-6419-0 Cimarron

Number three on our list is the K-6419-0 from the Cimarron range. Once more, it utilizes an electromagnetic field for the waste disposal process.

However unlike the Studio model above, the sensor is located on top of its lid, not ideal for people who prefer using such a space for storage or decoration.

So what do you get as part of the package? Focusing on the main external specs, this is a two piece unit, with a taller than a standard height bowl. It’s finished in white, and unlike several of its competitors, it comes with a round front bowl, which are great for saving space in smaller bathrooms.

American Standard 2795119.020

What can we say about this model? Well for one, it’s one of our top rated American standard toilets that offers a touch less flush activation is simple to use by just waving your hand above the tank area – at a distance of around two inches according to the manufacturer. This will be close enough for the sensor to recognize your hand movement.

Secondly, the design is basic, and very minimal. If you’re not a fan of the extra decorations and accessories, then this toilet could be ideal for your needs. It is white and made from vitreous china, that has a round front bowl keeping it compact.

It also has a comfort height seat level which is slightly higher than traditional designs making sitting down comfortable and more accessible.

KOHLER K-8687-0 San Souci

I’ve talked about the quality of the KOHLER brand before, and that tends to hold true with the K-8687-0. It includes a sensor within the tank, which will be located on top of its lid. \

However, be aware that these are powered by AA batteries, so keep in mind you’ll need to restock them every so often.

It’s not particularly large either, with a footprint of 27.5 by 16.4 by 25.3 inches, despite it having an elongated shaped bowl.

Once it senses and activates its flush system, its AquaPiston tech will push 1.28 gallons through which is economically friendly, and helps clean the bowl of bacterial build up.

Why you need the best touchless toilet

It is really great to improve you hygiene in the toilet as we mention earlier and the touchless toilet is the best fit for those concern.

The touchless toilets operates on a computerized basis whereby the well fitted motion sensors on the tank starts to flush the toilet by just moving your hands over them.

Some other type of touchless toilets even go as far as opening its lid as you come closer and closes the lid as you step back then it automatically activates its flushing mechanism.

Automatic toilet flushers will help you convert your home toilet into an automatic flushing toilet without having to do a labor-intensive replacement of parts.

The way the touchless automatic toilet flush kits work is by time-sensing your presence in front of the toilet and then automatically flushing when you move away- so now you will not have to hold down a germ-infested handle to flush.

These units are generally battery-powered and provide a pretty long lifespan. The TECHO in particular boasts that it will last for up to 300,000 flushes and that its AA batteries will themselves last for 36,000 flushes, which translates to 100 times a day for a year. That’s a lot of flushing!

Benefits of installing a hands free best touchless toilet flusher

The selected points are some of the benefits of installing an automatic flusher or purchasing the best touchless toilets:

Convenience of the no touch toilets

Quick, no hassle way to dispose of waste through the loo. Simply get up, wave your hand past the sensory field and off you go. So user friendly almost anyone can use it.


The world has got itself in a hurry as far as technology is concerned. Keeping with the times is important, and installing one of these is a step in the right direction.

Well-being of the owner

No one enjoys getting ill. By removing the need for skin contact on the tank you expose yourself to less germs which lowers the risk of spreading or getting sick.

Hygiene of the touchless toilets

As a general rule, the less people touching things in the bathroom the better. You will certainly find that this will benefit you by improving hygiene.

Convenience of use

Easy to use, simple to operate, and in many cases user friendly when compared to standard flushing styles.

What to look for in Best Touchless toilets

This are some of the things you need to look out for in the no touch toilets:

Bowl shape

You will still get the option of choosing between two of its more common shapes. Selecting a round shape will be an excellent choice for those of you looking to limit space consumption. People with smaller bathrooms will find this generally is the go to shape. However, if you have plenty of leg room, you may wish to consider an elongated bowl which is a good option for those looking for comfort.

Height of seat

Typically, you get standard height, and comfort height seating. Comfort height are generally around two inches taller than the traditional style, and are designed to make the user as comfortable as possible whilst ensuring getting up and sitting down is as easy as possible. This also makes them more accessible for a wider range of users and in turn makes them ADA compliant.


There are plenty of choices in brands, which can add to the consumers confusion. After conducting research, we found that some of its more notable ones included Kohler, Toto, and American Standard. These three are arguable some of its better options to choose from going by features and previous user ratings.

Water efficient

Most top toilets these days tend to focus on producing a decent amount of flush power whilst using a reduced amount of water.

This makes them more environmentally friendly than several old style units, and this doesn’t change with the hands free option.

You will want to look for something that consumes between 1 and 1.6 gallons, with a few exceptions. You will want to look for products with a WaterSense certified label.

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