Best upflush toilet – best saniflo macerating toilets reviews 2020

Saniflo toilets are also known as the producers of the macerating toilets, hence, the two names are used interchangeably.

Macerating toilets are quite expensive as they find use in almost impossible locations where other bathroom equipment and toilets cannot be used. They can be used in places like attics, barns, cellars and sheds.

Saniflo toilets are really capable of pumping the macerated waste into the remote sewerage line up to one hundred and fifty feet away. Most can also manage the used water of basins, baths, and showers.

The installation systems are really work of genius as they are made to work in difficult areas and terrains, this reviews will cover the very best saniflo macerating toilets.

A lot of people are already turning out for the best macerating toilets with impressive upflush toilets abilities, this gives more choice on where you can place the saniflo toilet in your bathroom.

These are a specific type of loo equipped with a macerator pump designed to push waste out at the rear and then upwards.

How do the upflush toilets work?


The major difference in the function of a saniflo macerating toilet is in how they function. Te difference is in the design of the discharge mechanism, this has a pump system with an inbuilt blade designed to shred and liquefy any solid waste.

This shredding and liquefaction (macerating) of the solid waste makes it very possible for it to upflush or travel upwards through the well fitted pipelines.

This macerating upflush toilets can deal with with sanitary napkins that may have been flushed down the toilet; such may consist of condoms, sanitary napkins, q-tips, dental floss etc.


Best Saniflo upflush Macerating toilets reviews

This is where you have been waiting for, here we will touch on the best saniflo upflush macerating toilet toilets there is in the market today:

We may add other brands that have the upflushing and macerating abilities too.

Saniflo 012 SANISTAR Wall Hung Macerating Toilet

On the top of the price range, this toilet is wall mounted. It has no tank and will fit into very compact areas. Its single construction and seamless lines make this toilet easy to keep hygienically clean.

It can pump vertically up to nine feet and horizontally up to one hundred feet. It can handle the effluent of a wash hand basin. This unit has been designed to fit into areas that would not usually accommodate a toilet.

It uses just on a gallon of water per flush. The flushing action and macerating unit are activated by pressing an air switch. The flush system electronically measures the one-gallon discharge of water.

Easy installation is allowed in the most awkward places, the discharge elbow can be rotated 360 degrees, and the toilet requires no venting. A toilet seat with chrome hinges is included. A wall mounting bracket is included in the installation kit.

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Thetford Bathroom Anywhere

A discharge system is fitted to the rear of this model from Thetford. As to is the pumping mechanism. This could be a great option for multiple purposes.

For example, this could work well in many room conversions, such as in a loft, garage, or elsewhere in the household where you don’t want to tear up the flooring.

As this is sold as a kit, you get numerous products included within the package. Aside from the toilet itself, you are presented with a macerator that allows both bath and sink connections for the foundations of a modern bathroom.

The bowl is what many manufacturers refer to as right height, which is essentially ADA compliant and taller than standard bowls. Which has its advantages, and could be a great addition for homes with elderly or infirm residents.

The seat lid has a slow close feature that prevents it from slamming shut, and the bowl is finished in white with a touch of chrome on the trip lever.

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Liberty Pumps ASCENTII-ESW

Coming in third place on our list, is the ASCENTII-ESW. This is a model that markets itself on Razor Cut technology within the macerator which churns, shreds, and cuts solid waste like tissue more effectively.

Perhaps one of the immediate things that stood out was the inclusion of a seat. Something that, if you’ve been shopping around, you’ll notice many top brands use it as an additional expense.


It washes out the bowl with 1.28 gallons of water with each flush, categorizing itself as a high efficiency toilet. In many ways you get the best of both worlds. One you save money on water bills throughout the year, and two, you do your part in conservation for the environment.

It runs on a wattage of 920 and 115 volts. Its operation will require batteries to be used, which does come as part of the kit. From what we’ve read from the manufacturer, these will give lasting power up to three and a half hours.

Price wise, it’s in line with much of its competition, but at the same time, the consumer feedback tends to be more positive than several units I’ve researched into.

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Saniflo 023 SANICOMPACT 48 One-piece Toilet

This reasonably priced toilet has a single piece construction with sleek lines making it easy to keep clean and sanitized. The unit does not have a water tank and is ideal for bathrooms with little space. It is self-contained and can fit into spaces that would not accommodate standard toilets.

This is a self- contained a macerating toilet, which has been built to save space, to save water, and to allow for installation in areas where people with physical disabilities can access them.

It is capable of pumping waste vertically for up to 9 feet, and horizontally to 100 feet. It can be connected to the outlet of a wash hand basin, dealing with the discharge water through the toilet flush system.

The built-in flushing system is electric, and together with the maceration pump, an air switch on top of the bowl activates it.

The electronically timed flush ensures that this toilet uses only one gallon of water per flush. For easy installation in any area, the discharge elbow can be rotated 360 degrees, and the toilet does not require venting.

The elongated toilet seat with chrome hinges is included with the toilet. This product has a warranty period of two years from the date of purchase.

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Saniflo SaniPLUS: Macerating Upflush Toilet Kit

This toilet is on the top end of the price range. It consists of a three-piece construction, including the toilet with an elongated bowl, the tank, and the macerating unit.

The toilet can be installed anywhere without digging up the floor. It has been designed to allow for the installation of a bathroom anywhere – up to fifteen feet below the sewer line or one hundred and fifty feet from the soil stack.

It can be connected to the outlets of the bath, shower, bidet, urinal or basin so that the effluent can be handled through the flush and maceration unit of the toilet.

There is a pump behind the macerator that can propel the waste up to twelve feet vertically and 150 foot horizontally. The unit uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. The toilet seat is not included. This product has a full two-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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Saniflo Saniaccess 2 Upflush Macerator Pump

This toilet is in the middle of price range. It is available in white and has a round rim. The toilet has a three-piece construction that includes toilet, tank and macerating unit.

It has been designed to allow for the installation of a toilet and hand basin in places that would not normally have been able to accommodate such an installation.

This toilet will macerate and flush waste, and then discharge it up to five meters vertically or one hundred meters horizontally.

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Bundle-03 1.6 GPF Round Toilet (5 Pieces) Finish

This unit is at the top of the price range. It consists of three parts, a toilet, an insulated tank, and a macerating unit.

The insulation in the tank prevents condensation. The toilet has a round rim and is available in white. It uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush. It has a three-inch trapway.

This is considerably bigger than the industry standard, allowing for a powerful flush that will clean the toilet properly every time. The flushing system is capable of discharging the water of several other bathroom fixtures such as bath, shower, basin, bidet, and urinal. The pump can vertically discharge to eighteen feet and horizontally to one hundred and fifty feet.

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Why you need the best upflush macerating toilets

Here we will dwell on the main reasons why you need to get the best saniflo toilets known for their up flushing and macerating abilities:

Affordability of the saniflo toilet

This upflush toilets are highly affordable and they are also worth every dime that you use in procuring them.

The best part of this toilet brand that comes with a macerator is that you can fix them on a smaller object as soon as getting them, this is because there is less changes to the hose structure. They can be fixed in the house with open plumbing.

Mobility of the macerating toilet

A time will come when you feel like moving things around and this will include your toilets, this toilet allows you to do that with its out fixed macerating pump.

For example several products from SaniFLO shall only leave four holes. Easy to cover up when the time comes.

Flexibility of the upflush toilet

This toilet are fixed below gravity drains pipe lines, you get a lot of choices on the location and where you want the toilet fixed.

Less time consuming

They are also potentially a good option for temporary fittings. What’s more, because several units are sealed, maintenance work is reduced.

Some plumbing tasks can take a long time to complete. These are an option for people wanting to install a loo quickly without the need of ongoing building work disrupting your day.

What exactly is an Upflush toilet?

The name is already a giveaway as to the abilities of this toilet and its aim exactly. The upflush toilet literally flushes up waste after it is dropped into the tank which is positioned discreetly behind or next to the toilet.

Maceration of the waste is achieved by a macerating pump with grinding blades that have been specifically been designed to reduces waste to a consistency that allows it to easily be pumped up through a discharge pipe.

This fully describes the upflushing process that takes place with every flush, meaning that there is no waste sitting in the macerator or pump unit.

One thing to keep in mind is that only waste materials that can be broken down easily should be put into the toilet.

Also, be careful to use any cleaning products that are corrosive as they may lead to damage of the macerator.

The macerating toilet is a great solution for anyone who has a drainage and water system with a low water pressure or for those with a limited water supply, such as individuals living out of town or in remote areas.

Relatively easy and fast to install, a upflush toilet system saves more water than a standard toilet thanks to the maceration step which makes waste easier to flow through the pipes, and eliminate the need to use water pressure.

​​​​​Buyer’s Guide on the best upflush toilet- How to Select the Best Macerating Toilets

When selecting the best macerating or otherwise known as upflush or pressure assisted toilet, it’s best to take a few consideration into mind.

If you want to make sure you buy the right toilet for your space and installation needs, take a look below before thinking about heading out to the store.

Although there are other considerations to look at, we’ve highlighted some of the most important below.

Macerating Pump of the upflush toilet

Make sure that whichever model of upflush toilet you buy, it is an effective macerating pump. To analyze the effectiveness of a pump you will want to look at the specs of the toilet.

The most important specs include: voltage, horsepower, amperage as well as anything else that contributes to the reliability of the pump.

Gallons per flush

Also measured in litres depending on where in the world you live. You can easily tell whether the toilet is water saving and efficient by the gallons per flush it cycles through.

The less gallons per flush required, the more water you will save.


Installation of the upflush toilet and macerating pump

A upflush toilet must be easy to install. In order to instal a toilet of this kind, you will first require a supply of water along with a reliable electrical source.

Finally, a small discharge pipe will be needed along with someone who can assist in the installation. The process of installation should take no more than a couple hours to a day depending on whether it includes the full bathroom or not.

If you’re a savvy handyman with a nack for home bathroom renovations, you may even feel comfortable enough to do the installation yourself.

Advantages and Pros of the best saniflo upflush macerating toilet

  • This toilet has a razor cut system.
  • It has a better maceration system.
  • This toilet is very quiet.
  • It requires only 1.28 gallons of waste per flush.
  • It has a toilet seat along with it.
  • It works with batteries.
  • This toilet has a 3.5 years warranty on battery life.
  • This toilet has the best up flush toilet system.
  • It has a macerator, a toilet bowl, and a toilet pump.
  • It can be very easily installed.
  • The extension pipe can be placed outside the wall if you wish.
  • Its flush uses only 1.6 gallons of water per flush.

Advantages and Pros of the best saniflo upflush macerating toilet

  • Some complained that the flush did not work properly.
  • Some are very noisy

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