Best Vortens Toilets Reviews 2020 – Complete Buyers Guide!

Vortens toilets are very popular in the United States of America. The Vortens toilets are a comfortable sitting height and only rarely require a double flush.

The name Vortens™ comes from two words which, in their truest form, mean “focused power.” And in the truest sense, that is what Vortens’ history is all about: maintaining a centralized focus on the power and performance today’s customers demand from a premier manufacturer and distributor of sanitary ware.

Best Vortens Toilets Reviews

This is a compilation of the best vortens toilet reviews:

URBAN COMPACT EL HET : Model 3101-3441

2-1/8″ Fully Glazed Trapway – Passes a 2″ Ball

High-Efficiency Toilet (HET) with Powerful 1.28 gpf / 4.8 lpf Flush

Powered by the 2″ HydroSurge™ Flushing System

Flushes 600 grams of solids per MaP test

8″ x 7″ Water Surface

Compact Elongated Bowl Occupies the space of a round front bowl and gives the comfort of an elongated toilet.

5-Year Warranty on Vitreous China

3-Year Warranty on Component and/or Accessory Parts

V-Gloss™ High-Gloss Vitreous China – Durable, Nonporous

Bowl Shape Compatible with Bemis® 170 Toilet Seat

VIENNA PLUS ADA : Model 3123-3412

2-1/8″ Fully Glazed Trapway – 
Passes a 2″ Ball

Powerful & Efficient 1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf

Flushes 1,000 grams of solids

8″ x 7″ Water Surface

Extra-Large Footprint

Ideal Height™ A.D.A. Compliant – 17″ High

5-Year Warranty on Vitreous China

1-Year Warranty on Component and/or Accessory Parts

V-Gloss™ High-Gloss Vitreous China – Durable, Nonporous

Bowl Shape Compatible with Bemis® 170, 1200, 1500 & 1800 Toilet Seats

MEDALIST ADA : Model 3123-3494

2″ Fully Glazed Trapway

Powerful & Efficient 1.6 gpf / 6.0 lpf

3″ HydroSurge™ Flushing System

Flushes 800 grams of solids

8″ x 7″ Water Surface

5-Year Warranty on Vitreous China

3-Year Warranty on Component and/or Accessory Parts


Bowl Shape Compatible with Bemis® 1500 Toilet Seats

History of the vortens toilets

Vortens toilets were introduced in 1996 to fulfill a need for quality plumbing fixtures exclusively for wholesale distributors and contractors in the United States and Canada.

Since then, Vortens has established itself as a premier line of sanitary ware products, combining affordability with superior design features and reliable performance.

Today, Vortens offers a complete line of residential plumbing fixtures and light commercial products – all with the attention to powerful performance that’s worthy of its name, and true to its heritage.

Our commitment to engineering and manufacturing superiority is the same as it was over a century ago. We believed then that the highest quality products require only the best manufacturing facilities and that belief is even stronger today.

That’s why the Vortens toilets manufacturing facilities are among the most efficient and modern in the world. We constantly update our plants and employ the most modern technology to ensure that our products will always live up to our promise of innovation and reliability, as evidenced by the 2002 completion of our state-of-the-art, 400,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility for Vortens Plumbing Fixtures.

As a leader in the residential and commercial markets, customers rely on Vortens to continually bring new thinking to this age-old industry.

Today, Vortens designs and manufactures a creative variety of toilets, lavatories and urinals that set the pace for forward-thinking style, innovation and performance. It’s a continuing commitment to staying ahead that we stand behind.

Features of the best vortens toilet

The following are some of the features of the best vortens toilet

Approved Performance

Vortens products are IAPMO/UPC approved, meet or exceed all applicable ANSI and ASME specifications, and are CSA approved (Canadian Standards Association).

2-1/8″ Fully Glazed Trapways

Our bowls feature fully glazed, 2-1/8″ trapways designed to pass a full 2″ diameter ball in flush tests. This minimizes friction loss and drag, which results in improved efficiency, performance and trouble-free maintenance.

Powerful and Efficient Performance

Vortens 1.28 gpf/4.8 lpf HET, 1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf & 1.1 gpf/4.0 lpf Dual-Flush HET, and 1.6 gpf/6.0 lpf toilets feature an innovative and exclusive hydraulic design that makes them among the best flushing toilets available. And each Vortens product is thoroughly inspected before shipment to ensure your satisfaction.

American Made Component Parts

Vortens tanks are equipped with reliable, dependable, American made component parts that have proven their dependability in years of operation.

V-Gloss™ China for Beauty & Durability

Vortens products feature our exclusive V-Gloss™ high-gloss china.This seals the nonporous surfaces of the bowl with a long-lasting glaze that not only maintains its polished shine, but provides a clean and sanitary durable finish.


All manufacturers promise that their products are reliable. At Vortens, we back our promise with one of the most comprehensive and ironclad warranties in the industry. It’s your assurance that you’ll never regret choosing the best.

Best Vortens toilets brands reviews

This are some of the popular brands of vortens toilet

High-Efficiency Toilets

  • MURANO ADA HET Model 3140-3425
  • MEDALIST EL HET Model 3151-3486
  • MEDALIST RF HET Model 3220-3486
  • MEDALIST ADA HET Model 3123-3486
  • MURANO EL HET Model 3147-3425
  • MURANO RF HET Model 3219-3425
  • LORETTO ADA HET Model 3140-3475
  • LORETTO EL HET Model 3137-3475
  • LORETTO RF HET Model 3213-3475
  • SPARTA ADA HET Model 3142-3479
  • SPARTA EL HET Model 3141-3479
  • SPARTA RF HET Model 3215-3479
  • URBAN COMPACT EL HET Model 3101-3441

1.6 GPF / 6.0 LPF

  • VIENNA PLUS ADA Model 3123-3412
  • VIENNA PLUS EL Model 3113-3412
  • MEDALIST EL Model 3151-3494
  • MEDALIST RF Model 3220-3494
  • MEDALIST ADA Model 3123-3494
  • VIENNA PLUS RF Model 3208-3412


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