Best Wall Mounted Toilet Reviews 2020 – Wall Hung Toilet Comparison Guide!

Wall mounted toilet or wall hung toilet are very great toilet option especially when you have very limited space. They are compact and only use up a limited space area giving you enough space to move your legs around with the function of a standard toilet

If you have a small bathroom, then you really need to get the best wall hung toilet design, this toilet helps you to save more space in your bathroom because of its small size.

The wall mounted toilet is fully functional and it adds a great decoration to the toilet with complete features, you definitely want to look into it

This toilet type is very popular in America and Europe where they use a wall mounted toilet (or wall hung toilet) – a type of toilet installed on the wall, which surprisingly is tankless.

Best wall hung toilet reviews

This is the best wall mounted toilet reviews for your convenience:

TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet

The TOTO Aquia dual-flush toilet is a masterpiece of elegance and modernity. It brings the best fixture for the bathroom to add more to its décor, consuming minimum space and leaving the rest for legroom.

It operates on a dual-flush flushing system that ensures that water consumption remains as low as 1.6 gallons per flush. Such a powerful performance is the mark of excellence and thus, becomes a perfect addition to the bathroom.

Its patent SanaGloss ceramic glaze technology restricts the growth of bacteria, mildew and mold from sticking to the inner surface of the bowl. This feature helps in consuming less water in cleaning and makes it extremely hygienic to use.

Besides it, its elongated shape is the standard one, giving a comfortable seat to people of all age groups. Such a modern toilet is wall mounted that requires easy and special installation. Its universal height is its highlighting feature, allowing you to add it to your small spaced bathroom.

This wall tank system is available at a competitive price without making a hole in your pocket. The dimensions are 23.8 x 15.8 x 17.5-inches and you will be glad to bring this product home. However, one negative point that is faced with this accessory is its small size that does not keep the cleaning effective.

It does not erase the stains in a single flush and sometimes may even require two flushes at a time to clean the bowl. Overall, it is a perfect add-on for your small bathroom, keeping the sweeping and mopping an easy process.

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TOTO Aquia Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Bowl Toilet


TOTO is one of the most reputed brands and offers toilets of the best design, style and functionality. This cotton white modern fixture is an incredible addition to the bathroom having elongated seat and wall-mounted installation.

Mounting a toilet on the wall helps save a lot of space if compared with the traditional models and complements the décor of the bathroom perfectly. Such features make it an ideal accessory for your house without giving a second thought.

This Aquia model has an elegant streamline look with dimensions as 21 x 14.2 x 15-inches, taking a proper place in the bathroom. Its comfortable seat at a proper height operates at a consumption of 1.6 gallons per flush, saving water and reducing monthly bills.

The dual max flushing system cleans the inner surface by removing the solid waste effectively. It fits well into the wall with the tank system but requires a bit different installation process than that required in other models.

One of its striking features is the CalGreen compliance that ensures the manufacturing of a green product. This toilet system is known for its superior performance, water efficiency technique and effective cleaning technology.

One thing to be taken into consideration is that this model does not come with in-wall toilet tank system, a flush plate for wall and toilet seat. This condition makes it a bit expensive product to buy for the bathroom. However, once bought for the home, your private space will remain clean and hygienic.

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American Standard Wall-Mounted Toilet

American Standard is a leading toilet provider, where a wall-mounted system has a unique look to transform the complete arena of a bathroom. Its elongated toilet combination of tank and bowl gives the person a comfortable seat to pass on or off the toilet.

Such a modern accessory leaves ample space around it to keep the bathroom clean and maintained. It comes with a one-year warranty period to help you get the piece repaired within that time.

Its quality, innovative design makes it stand out from the rest. This wall-mounted toilet is engineered with a strong siphon-jet flush that pushes the water into the bowl effectively. It consumes 1.6 gallons of water per flush, making it water efficient and eco-friendly system.

Its vitreous china is easy to clean, making it last for a long time. This elegant model is equipped with a side-mounted metal trip lever that provides a reasonably powerful flush.

Its surface from inside and outside furnishes EverClean technology that inhibits the growth of bacteria and mildew. This brings in more hygiene; cleanliness and a stunning look to your bathroom.

However, this does not function well sometimes because the bowl remains dirty with streaks of solid waste even after flushing. This model does not include carrier and seat so you would have to shop them from outside.

Overall, this wall mounted toilet will never disappoint you and would transform your bathroom with a better style so but it today and has a great addition to your home.


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KOHLER K-6299-0 Veil Wall-Hung Elongated Toilet Bowl, White

When design and elegance become the deciding factor to bring any wall hung toilet home, then think of KOHLER’s bathroom fixture, a one-piece toilet. It has a concealed in-wall tank and carrier system that offers a minimalistic and seamless look.

It saves a lot of space beneath the system and keeps the cleaning extremely easy. It is an ideal addition to your bathroom and ensures to keep your place bright, hygienic and clean the whole day.

The typical elongated bowl defines comfort and easy seating for the person. It is engineered with a grip tight Q3 seat that lends a comfortable position to any member of the house. Its vitreous china white material is durable and lasts for a long time.

Besides it, this system is capable of removing the solid waste with a single flush of water, keeping the bowl shining like a mirror all the time. Such a water efficient model saves both water and money.

One highlighting feature that makes it a perfect add-on to your home is its dual-flush actuator that consumes 0.8 and 1.6 gallons per flush as per light and solid waste respectively.

This modern technology requires convenient installation, making it easy for you to upgrade your bathroom. This KOHLER toilet affordable price makes it a must-have product for the bathroom.

One drawback that you may face is its ineffective flushing and may require two flushes at a time for cleaning. Also, the seat and bowl somehow cause discomfort to the user.

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Toto CT486FG#01 1.6-GPF and 0.9-GPF Maris Wall-Hung Dual-Flush Toilet

There are only two models of TOTO wall mount toilet bowls, namely Aquia and Maris. The Toto CT486FG#01 Maris is currently the popular Toto Maris model.

There are small differences between the Aquia and Maris models but both are very similar in many aspects. Maris is slightly longer than Aquia models, has a  smaller water surface area and is a bit more expensive.

These factors mainly account for why I would recommend a Aquia model over Maris. Nevertheless the Maris is still worth checking out as it has a modern sleek design that is second to none and dual flush system as good as any other wall hung models. It is also universal height, has a SanaGloss finish and is CalGreen compliant.

The Toto CT486FG#01 Maris is one of the best selling wall hung toilets on the market. With dimensions of 22 x 15.2 x 15.5 inches it takes up less floor space, giving your bathroom a more open feeling and making it easy to clean.


The model features the Toto SanaGloss ion-barrier protection glazed finish.  The SanaGloss finish will ensure the wastes are flushed away easily. Otherwise skid marks may start to form around the bowl outlet after sometime.

Overall the Maris matches the other top wall hung toilet models in just about every other important category.

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Saniflo SANISTAR Wall Hung Macerating Toilet

Saniflo 012 SANISTAR is a popular European style wall hung toilet combined with a powerful macerating pump. It is at the top of the price range, and is the most expensive wall hung toilet in this list.

The SaniSTAR has the advantage over other models as its capable of being installed in basements washroom and half baths as it can pump vertically 9ft and 100ft horizontally.

A macerating model like this is extremely useful if you have low water pressure in your area or if there is a need to install a toilet below the sewer drain pipe level. It has a water consumption of just 1.6 gallons per flush, a European style appearance and comes with a stylish toilet seat with chrome hinges.

Saniflo is the clear leader and make the best macerating toilets. So if you need a macerating wall hung toilet I recommend you get it from them than any other brand.

Saniflo SANISTAR 012 is also backed by a warranty of 2 years. It is of high quality construction and installed properly it can last for the many years to come.

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Duravit 2225090092 Starck 3 Toilet

The 2225090092 Starck 3 is a product from Duravit, a German company that specializes in the design, manufacture, and sale of beautiful bathroom fixtures.

They are not very popular in the US but they have a wide of range of elegant toilets for sale at reasonable prices. Duravit Starck 3 is one of their leading wall mounted models offered at a mid-price range.

It boasts a flushing rim technology, a compact design that is elegant and easy to clean and a smooth attractive finish. It is a good toilet but I think it’s better to skip this product, as it’s not very popular and you might find it difficult to find custom parts for its if you need for any repairs.

Even the seat and cover that isn’t included with the toilet is difficult to find in the US market as its got a custom size.

What is a wall mounted or wall hung toilet.

This is a toilet ype that is made specially to hang from the wall. It is mostly referred to as the hanging toilet and it very ideal for small spaced homes and locations.

They are mostly tankless and come in different variations and sizes for you to make your pick from. We will walk you through the selection process.

Benefits of owning a hanging toilet


Whilst you can associate plenty of advantages with the more traditional, floor based models, there are still plenty of ways in which toilets that are wall hung can be beneficial to you. We look at a few of these below.

In wall tank and carrier system

Because much of the hardware and fixtures are designed to be fitted within the wall, you end up with a simple, yet contemporary style that looks great. It may take some getting used to for those who’ve had standard one or two piece designs with the tank located directly behind the bowl.

Choose where to put flush button

With other styles, you don’t often get a lot of choice where you put the button or trip lever for flushing the contents down the drain.

For example, normal options come with a trip lever either at the front or side of the tank. And even with dual flush, you’re quite limited for choice, with the majority of buttons fitted to the top of the bowl cover.

However, many products from this range come with actuators that can be placed away from the loo bowl, and on the wall, where it’s easy to reach for the majority of users.


Choose the bowl height of the wall hung toilet

You’ve all no doubt heard of comfort height, which are generally taller than standard models. Well these models often let you pick the height within a certain range. Having that little bit extra freedom with this can make all the difference in terms of user comfort.


Keeping the bathroom clean should be high on your priority list. It can improve overall durability and keep odors and bacteria growth to a minimum.

Because many products from this style tend to have flatter or skirted sides, it reduces the need to clean out gaps in the piping and other difficult tasks. It also makes it far less time consuming. You can learn how to maintain your toilet here.

Save space

Not every buyer is going to be living in a household with unlimited amounts of space available. Thats why these are a great option for medium to smaller sized rooms. The tank is hidden away, and more often than not, the overall dimensions are quite compact.

Items needed for installation of the wall mounted toilet

Before you get to work installing your product, here is a short checklist of the required fittings. Ensure you have all of these prior to carrying out any work.

Flush actuator

The buttons and plates used to trip the flushing mechanism.

Mounted carrier / concealed wash down tank

The whole package used for concealing the tank.


The units listed above are mainly the bowl on their own. The other items are usually sold separately.

Seat / lid

Not all products are going to come equipped with the seating. In fact, many companies use these as an upsell. It’s easily overlooked, but something I feel buyers should be more aware of.

Best wall hung and wall mounted toilet buying guide and considerations

It’s easy to lose track of a units features and specifications and how it may help you fulfil your households needs.

There are so many terms and phrases that need to be understood to prevent confusion. So, in addition to the advantages listed above, here are a few things to take into account before you decide to buy.

Size of the hanging toilet

Ask yourself how much space you have available before you go shopping. The last thing you want is a huge bowl that takes up too much space in a small room or something too small that doesn’t work well with the interior design.


Brand of the wall hung toilet

Although not limited to two brands, we believe the two names you should be looking further into are TOTO and KOHLER.

Both seem to have produced plenty of products with solid feedback around the web, which is a good sign.

Then there are options that fly under the radar like Mansfield, and Gerber. Both of which have some eexceptional ranges that provide good flushing performance and contemporary designs.


Always check to see how many gallons of water the product utilizes. Whilst we recommend going for something low flow like a 0.8 and 1.28 GPF combo, there will also be several that work with 1.6 GPF that may meet your design needs better. Weigh up both options and decide which works better for you.

Additional expenses

Some manufacturers can be cheeky in that they mark up there products with add ons that a new buyer wouldn’t always expect to need.

Some examples of this are products that don’t come with a toilet seat, or flush button. Make sure you look at small details like this because all these extras pile up quickly.

Wall Mounted Toilets: The Good, the Bad and the ugly

Here are the pros and cons of the wall mounted toilet in no particular order:

Pros of wall mounted toilet:

Easy to clean – The wall mounted toilet does not attach to the floor, hence there is no need to scrub behind the bowl

Small in size – With a tankless design, wall mounted toilets are great for saving space. A wall hung toilet can easily fit into a corner that traditional toilets can’t

Sharp in design – Although they appeared at least 30 years ago, they are still considered the coolest toilet ever

Special function – Most of the time, wall mounted toilet equipped with the latest technology like dual flush or bidets

Cons of the wall hung toilet

Price – They are generally more expensive than traditional one-piece and two-piece toilets

Possible to loosen from the wall – It’s possible they will loose from the wall after long period of use. However, the wall hung toilet industry claims they can carry up to 880 lbs. In my personal experience I’ve never seen one break with proper usage.

Installation service – This is a tricky one. Since installing a wall mounted toilet means putting a valve into your wall, it requires opening up the wall, which means means more money.

I will strongly suggest if you are looking for having a wall mounted toilet, have it when you are building a new house. It will be much easier for both.

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