Mansfield Vanquish Toilet Reviews – [COMPLETE Info, Specs, Price and More]

The Mansfield Vanquish Toilet is a one of the latest toilet models from Mansfield plumbing. The Mansfield Vanquish toilet has a very Strong flush performance which makes clogs less likely to occur.

The Mansfield vanquish toilet Mansfield™ introduces the first toilet using a proprietary flushing system, integrated slow close toilet seat and concealed seat hinges.

These features combine for a toilet that keeps the toilet cleaner while making cleaning effortless. By removing the seat mounting holes the most difficult part of cleaning a toilet has been eliminated. In addition the water delivery system cleans the entire bowl with 50% more water going through the bowl than the average toilet.

This toilet has an Elongated SmartHeight Bowl makes sitting and standing easier with a new and improved flush valve and trip lever make for simpler maintenance.

Properties of the Mansfield Vanquish Toilet

  • Slow close seat with concealed side hinges and improved stability
  • PuraClean® glaze that resists stains
  • Improved bowl design delivers more than twice the amount of water used to clean the inside of the bowl than a standard toilet
  • SmartFasten tank to bowl connection for ease of installation
  • Sanitary dam and sloped bowl for easy cleaning
  • Improved tank trim that delivers consistent flushing
  • Transitional style for any home décor
  • Decorative EasyTouch metal trip lever makes for effortless flushing
  • Elongated SmartHeight bowl for comfort

Feature of the Mansfield Vanquish toilet

This toilet has the following features:


Mansfield Vanquish toilet features toilet seat hinges on the side, not on top. So instead of hard-to-clean corners, you get an easy-to-wipe surface that cleans up quickly.


Mansfield Vanquish toilet uses the same 1.6 gallons per flush as other low-flow toilets, yet directs double the amount of water to rinsing the bowl—which means you’ll need to clean it less often.


The highly engineered quick-wipe PuraClean® glazed surface has an incredibly smooth finish that wipes down quickly and sheds stains easily. It’s also resistant to bacteria, making your bathroom safer and cleaner than ever.

  • Includes patented slow close seat with side-mount hinges**
  • 1.6 gpf / 6.0 lpf low water consumption
  • Elongated front, SmartHeight™ bowl
  • 3″ Rigid Flapper flush valve – requires less force to flush, is more consistent and uses a simple universal repair part/seal
  • Fluidmaster® Pilot anti-siphon fill valve
  • 12″ rough-in
  • SmartFasten™ 2-bolt tank-to-bowl connection
  • Simple and leak-free SmartFasten™ tank-to-bowl connection system
  • Model 39 decorative metal trip lever
  • 2″ glazed trapway
  • The Mansfield® limited lifetime warranty on china, five-year limited warranty on tank trim
  • Available in white
  • Available as a complete toilet kit (CTK)

Mansfield Vanquish Toilet Specifications

This are the specifications of this toilet:

Bowl Height without Seat: 16-1/2 inch Overall Height: 32 inch
Overall Depth: 28-1/2 inch Overall Width: 20 inch
Weight: 96 pound Rough-In Distance: 12 inch
Trapway Diameter: 2 inch ADA Compliant: Yes
Bowl Shape: Elongated Color: White
Flush Handle Location: Left Side Flush Handle Type: Lever
Flush Type: Single Flushing System: Gravity Siphonic
Gallons Per Flush: 1.6 Mounting Type: Floor
Trapway Type: Not Concealed Tank Type: Non-Insulated
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