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The toilet is the least talked about place in the house. The best toilet is definitely going to make life a lot easier.


We have dedicated out time to finding you the best toilet and we are glad that for a time like this, people are now seeing the importance of having a great restroom and also now understand why they need to spend money to get the best toilet.


Modern toilets are so advanced now that they come in various sizes, shapes, functionality, seat shapes and even varying height options for total comfort. There are those that are so sleek and very easy to clean and then you have the higher tech ones with automatic flushing mechanisms, inbuilt deodorizers and even heated seats.


Many of the toilets today are made to have a low design with up to 1.6 gallons per flush, then you have the composting toilets that uses no water at al. We have gone out of our comfort zone to help you review the best toilet and features you should look out for as you shop for a newer toilet with emphasis on most of the best toilet models around.

Best Toilets Reviews

Best One-Piece Toilet

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the best one piece toilet below:

Kohler 3810 Santa Rosa

The Kohler santa rosa is your best bet if you are looking for the best one-piece toilet in the market today. You can easily identify it with the seam between the tank and the bowl which make it a one-piece toilet and also make it very easy to clean.


Kohler santa rosa height is made as a comfort height at 16.5 inches and as long as you are not too tall like a giant, you can sit on this toilet comfortably like a king.


It is very water efficient at 1.28gallons per flush, though it has a single flush system, you can also use it as a dual flush by pushing the lever half way down which uses 0.5gpf.


With the innovative AquaPiston flush engine, it allows water to flow into the bowl from all sides which further delivers a very fast and powerful low flush.

Best Two-Piece Toilet

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the best two piece toilet below:


The TOTO Drake II is one of the most popular toilets you can find. It is made to give you the very best experience with minimal features but for a real bargain.


The TOTO Drake II has a moderate height of up to 16.7 inches which means that after installing this toilet, it fits perfectly into the ADA standard height of 17 – 19 inches which makes standing and sitting very easy.


TOTO Drake II used 1.28 gallons per flush which helps to conserve the usage of water and save you more money on the utility bill because it is WaterSense certified and this does not affect its gravity flushing system.


This toilet has a 3-inch valve system against most toilets today that only have the 2-valv system which helps to improve its flushing ability.


It has a smart SanaGloss glazing for its finishing thus it is even easier to clean this toilet. The glazing makes the surface to be super smooth which helps to ensure that the stains from the waste is easily flushed off and makes it very easy to clean.

Best Toilet for Flushing

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the best toilet for flushing below:

American Standard Champion-4

The American standard Champion-4 toilet is widely renowned for its great flushing ability. It is made with a 4-inch accelerator flush valve which happens to be the biggest in the toilet industry.


It is known to produce incredible flushing force which is noted to be superior to the standard 2-inch flush valve which is more common.


The Champion-4 uses 1.6 gallons of water per flush which is not conservative in terms of water usage but this is necessary for it to maintain its great flushing ability and this tends to cover for its disadvantage in water conservation.


This toilet model is heavy and needs serious manpower to get this set up but it is sturdy and strong so will last for a long time. It has an elongated seat which takes up space but it provides optimum comfort too.


The American Standard Champion-4 also possesses an ever-clean surface which means it is very easy to clean and maintain coupled with the fact that it is a one-piece design, so you have to worry less about stains, odor and bacteria for a very long time.

Best Toilet With Bidet

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the Best Toilet With Bidet below:

WOODBRIDGE Smart Bidet Toilet

WOODBRIDGE Smart Bidet Toilet is one of the best toilets when you think of one with a bidet combination. It also comes with smart functions like auto closing and opening toilet lid.


It comes with a heated seat and air dryer to keep you warm while you sit. Now to the sweetest part, when you are done, the toilet bidet cleans you up with a gentle pulsating spray while the warm air gently dries you up. As you rise up, an automatic flush clears the bowl and it sprays an inbuilt deodorizer to make the air pleasant.


It also has a remote for customization of the experience you want with a light that helps you find your way around the toilet. It is known to save you on water bill but adds up the electric bill because it is a smart toilet.

Best Portable Toilet

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the Best Portable Toilet below:

Camco Portable Travel Toilet

The Camco Portable Travel Toilet is your best bet when you need a portable toilet to move around especially when you are on the road or travelling in a RV or boat. It is ideal for camping, RV and boat trips and it features a seat, 2.5 gallon flush tank and a 5.3 gallon plastic basin.


The flush tank holds the water used for flushing and it is activated using a hand pump which flushes the waste from the bowl into the holding basin below, where the remain is stored before is disposed of completely.


This unit is made of durable polyethylene that holds up to waste and chemical treatments. It is compact but large enough to sit comfortably upon, at 14 inches wide, 16 inches long, and 15.5 inches high.

Best Composting Toilet

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the Best Composting Toilet below:

Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

The Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet is your best bet when it comes to the best, durable and easy to use composting toilet.


It diverts urine into a removable tank and has a compartment for churning the solid waste into the tank. It has a tank that two adults can use without issues and requires to be emptied every 4 – 6 weeks.


This waterless toilet uses an electric fan to draw in fresh air and push out the stale air and odors out to keep the environment smelling nice. While the fan uses 12V power, it can convert to 110V with a kit purchased directly from Nature’s Head.

Best Compact Toilet

We have been able to do a deep review of the best toilets so far and have chosen the Best Compact Toilet below:

Saniflo Sanicompact

Saniflo Sanicompact is one of the best compact toilets because it is known to used in situations where you want to save space or have a toilet in a place that is small for the conventional toilet sizes.


Saniflo Sanicompact has a very compact design with no tank on its back, it takes just a small space in your bathroom and it can fit into any corner you want it to be placed in.


It is half the size of other toilet type and it is very easy to install in areas such as under the stairway for a half bathroom or an additional half bathroom in a bedroom or garage conversion.


With no water tank, the flushing mechanism Is electrical and it is really water efficient just using 1gpf to flush waste. The pump is hidden and it uses an upflush system, so there is enough power to carry out a flush.

How to choose the best toilet

The best toilet is the one that helps you do your business as it is meant to be done, to give you the best experience you can ever with for. But you must agree that a fully featured toilet does not mean it will do all you want perfectly neither does it make it the most comfortable.


The functionality of a toilet is pretty straightforward but for one that will stand the test of time and serve your purpose totally, you must be ready to hunt like it is a treasure.


There are a lot of things to look out for in regards to your preference before you settle for any toilet type, brand or model. Stay with me as I guide you through.

Toilet Pieces

The water closet of the toilet consists of 3 part which includes the bowl which is used to collect the waste, the pedestal which gives the necessary toilet height and the tank that stores the water that is needed to flush the waste totally.


You can further sub-divide the toilet into the following:

One-Piece Toilet

The one-piece toilet has the tank joined to the toilet bowl making it a one whole unit.

Two-Piece Toilet

The two-piece toilet has the tank separated from the toilet bowl and it is joined using specialized toilet fittings.

One-Piece Toilet vs Two-Piece Toilet

Here a quick comparison between the one-piece and two-piece toilet types:


One-piece toilets are generally higher in price to the two-piece toilet, this is due to the level of expertise needed in manufacturing them, remember that they are cojoined.

Ease of Cleaning

One piece toilet is way easier to clean due to the fact that they are not joined so there is no joined to cause issues and serve as an obstacle


The one-piece toilet is very easy to install because the toilet bowl and tank are already joined so it is easy to install them in place. The tow piece toilet is harder because you have to connect the bowl and tank properly with the correct joint fittings to prevent leakages.


One piece toilet is harder to move due to their weight because they are fused together but the two-piece toilet is easier to move because you can dismantle and reassemble them.


The most common type of toilet based on the water closet type in the USA is the two-piece toilet that are mounted on the floor.

Mount Type

Toilets are either mounted on the wall or on the wall. At the end, the choice is mostly down to individual reference and budget:

Wall Mounted Toilet

The wall mounted toilets typically look like the one-piece toilet but the tank is made to in the wall which definitely makes them a two-piece toilet. They are mostly found in public restroom and they are known for their minimalist appearance

Floor Mounted Toilets

Floor Mounted toilets are the most common types around today. They are less expensive to set up and they are fitted to the ground.

Toilet Type

Aside from the normal toilet types above, there are newer toilet types modifications that have gained entry into homes today:

Bidet Toilet

Bidet toilet toilets offers a combo to the traditional toilet that offers a flushing power with the spray cleaning function of a bidet. The tank is fitted with a spray jet that emits the forceful stream of water for more action.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilets are a latest addition. They have been made to know how much water is needed to perform a particular flush and to start flushing automatically. It is known to cut water wastage by over 0.5 gallons per flush compared to the conventional toilets which helps to save on the utility bills.


Some are known to shut off to prevent overflow and will notify you of a leak through a connected device while others will even deodorize and clean themselves.

Composting Toilets

Composting toilets are the type that do not have the need for water, thus no flushing is expected. An organic additive such as peat moss or saw dust is added to aid decomposition, eventually creating a nutrient rich matter that can be used for soil and plant fertilization.

RV Toilets

RV Toilets are those found in the Recreational vehicles also known as RV vehicles. Because lack of plumbing is not available, this is the ideal choice for the RV.

Portable Toilets

Portable toilets are used in camping or boating situations where you cannot readily find a toilet. Higher end models come with multiple tanks, where one holds the water for flushing and the other hold the waste matter to be disposed of later.

Tankless Toilets

Tankless toilets are the type where there is no tank as the name implies, instead the flushing water comes in through the supply line by creating enough pressure to remove the waste product. They are not common in residential homes because most do not have the capacity to create the pressure needed for it to operate efficiently.


Urinals help to separate male and female bathroom function and usage. They help to improve hygiene too. If you live in a shared space and to prevent the toilet seat argument, this is the best solution. They come in different shapes and styles.

Bowl Shape

The toilet bowl comes in different shapes. This is mostly a design element so they can fir into different spaces and offer varying degree of comfortability when you seat on them.

Round Bowl

This is the most common toilet bowl type and it is great for smaller spaces. This toilet does not extent too much and it is often found in older and smaller bathroom types.


The measure up to 28” from the wall and like I said before, they are great for saving space if you own a small bathroom. They are also cheaper in terms of price.

Elongated Bowl

Elongated toilet takes mostly an oval shape and are often said to be more comfortable to seat on. They measure up to 31” from the wall behind the toilet to the front of the bowl.


They are known to take up space except you get one of the latest compact elongated toilet bowl types which saves you more space than the normal elongated toilet bowl type.

Square Bowl

The square bowl toilet is less common or harder to find and are usually more expensive than the other types. This is suited to people who want a unique styles of toilet bowl. This is not too comfortable but it is for statement of style and luxury.

Toilet Base

There are two types of toilet bases:

Exposed Base

Here the toilet is exposed, Definitely, you can see the angles and curves of the drainpipes.

Skirted Base

The concealed bowl or skirted base type hides the trapway and this makes it easier to clean too and it also improve the overall look and feel of the toilet. It also helps to hide the piping and working mechanisms keeping them safe from damage and improves longevity.

Waste Outlet

The waste outlet comes in two form:

Rear Outlet

Toilets with the rear flush remove waste from the bowl through the outlet at the rear of the toilet. This outlet style is mostly associated worth the wall mounted types but you can find some that are also attached to the floor.

Floor Outlet

The floor outlet toilets are the ones that push the waste through a pipe underneath the toilet. They are the most common type found around because of how the plumbing system is set up in most homes.

Seat Height

The toilet height is how far it is from the floor to the top of the toilet seat. The ideal height varies for everyone and it really is dependent on how tall you are and if you have physical needs. Many new toilets now come on what is referred to as the comfort height above 17 inches.

Standard Height

The standard height toilet is ideal for children and shorter height individuals. People who are shorter cannot rest their feet on the ground in other toilet types so this is ideal for them. They are most 15” – 17” off the ground.

Comfort Height

Comfort height toilet is ideal for taller people who are more feet taller than the normal or average height. It gives a natural phenomenon where you are either sitting nor standing.


It is made to be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act Accessibility Guidelines (ADA for short). All installed toilets in public need to meet this requirement.


This chair height is suitable for those with minimal mobility and seniors. This Is because it adds more comfort. Like we said before, it is ideal for tall people too. They are 17” – 19” off the ground.

Children Height

Children height toilet are specifically made for them in mind. These serve their purpose only to children because they are shorter in height and mostly movable.

Variable Height

Variable height toilets are mostly seen in the wall mounted toilet types. They have various height that they can be installed on depending on your need. This works for disabled people like those on wheel chairs so they can slide onto the toilet at the exact height with ease.

Rough in Size

The toilet rough in size refers to the measurement of the size or distance from the wall the tank is hung on to the center of the waste pipe in the floor.


You have to note that homes differ thus the size tends to vary with the most popular rough in at 12 inches, which is also referred to as the standard measurement. Others are 10, 12 and 14 inches.

Toilet Seat

Toilet seats are a great addition even if you already have one of the best toilets in the market. Most toilet are sold without the seat while some others come with their own seat but not really of the quality that you will want.


Toilet maintenance is very important if you want to preserve the longevity of your own toilet. With the proper care, cleaning and maintenance they can last for a very long time. There are ways to maintain them and we will cover them indepth soon.

Toilet Brand

The toilet brand is a very important factor when choosing the best toilet for your bathroom. Who you but your toilet from really matters a lot in the long run.


We have been able to itemize most of the popular companies who have created high qualities toilets and sanitary wares over the years.  You can check on the best toilet brands here.

Noise Levels

Noise level of the toilet should be considered, you do not want a noise bathroom especially when you flush of when the tank is filling up. You can also look out for the slow close toilet seats as they help to prevent the slamming noise associated when the conventional models.


There are many popular toilet colors but the most common one is the white toilets, but you can get others that matches the color of your painting or decorations like beige, grey or even the modern black colored toilets. You will not find all the rainbow colors but you are sure to find something you can work with.

Water Saving Technology

Toilets with great water saving technologies are very important to households today due to the ever-rising utility bills with the usage of water taking a large chunk.


This is the reason you must go out for the High efficiency toilet in regards to water usage which has been noted to use 1,28Gallons per flush and they have the EPA’s WaterSense label. They have been observed to save you upto 4000 gallons of water per person and some water utility rebates if you install one today.

EPA WaterSense Certified Toilets

The EPA WaterSense program is a voluntary certification provided to manufacturers who create water-efficient toilets (and other products).

Flushing Handle & Mechanism

This may not be a popular topic but toilets have various options in terms of how you get them to flush. We will be talking about the flushing handles here:

Single Flush

Single flush is the most common type of toilet flush button. It flushes the same amount of water every time the button is pressed or handle is pulled.

Dual Flush

The dual flush toilet types are an improvement on the single flush which aims to conserve and save the usage of water by having separate flushes for solid waste and liquid waste. The 1.6 gallons go for the full solid flush while the 1.1 gallons goes for the liquid flush. People like this a lot but this model is not fully perfected yet.

Touchless Flush

Touchless flush is the dream for every health freak. Knowing that the toilet is the home for all sort of germs and bacteria, all you need to do here is to place your hand in front of a sensor usually located on top, side or in front of the toilet tank to trigger flushing. Downside is they may have electrical problems and also, they tend to flush on their own when anything crosses the sensor.

Gravity Fed Flush

Gravity fed flush is one of the oldest flushing mechanisms around where the water create weight is used to create the flushing power. This system is quitter and requires les maintenance overtime.

Pressure Assisted Flush

In the pressure assisted flush, pressurized air is forced into the bowl when flushed, this reduces the chance of the toilet clogging. This system is noisy and costs more too. It also requires regular maintenance.

Siphon Jet

Siphon jet toilet flush have a curved trapway system that prevents the gas from the sewer from returning back to the bathroom. The siphon effect sucks out the water and waste after the flush. Then, an automatic valve refills the emptied tank preparing it for the next flush in a cleaner bowl.

Low Flow Flush

The low flow toilet also known as the high efficiency toilet uses lesser water than you standard full flush of 1.6 gallons. They meet WaterSense standards of the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency), and will make water savings over the course of a year.

Smart Toilet Features

Smart toilets are here to stay and they come with added benefits that make life easier but they come at higher prices than the normal toilets. 


There are tons of add-ons that you can now get with your toilet like heated seats, UV light under the seat, air dryer, deodorizers, in built bidet system and LCD remote controls.


Others have auto flush, auto lid control for opening and closing, auto flushing, pre-mist functions and even massaging devices with specialized remote controls.

Heated Seats

Heated seats in the smart toilets helps to prevent sitting on a cold toilet sit during winter and they create an overall sweet experience.

Self-Cleaning Toilets

High end and smart toilets include features where they can clean themselves after every use.


Deodorizer toilets are known to emit sweet smelling sprays to cover up the smell from the toilet after every use.

LED Lightening

If you like going to the toilet at night, then the led lighted toilets is really for you as they provide more visibility and prevent unnecessary accidents.

Slow Close Options

This prevents the toilet seat from slamming shut every time. This is useful for homes with a lot of kids who like slamming the toilet seat and lids shut every time. They also open and auto close every time.

Auto & Touchless Flushing

The smart toilets are nice because they are equipped with mechanisms that allow them to auto flush by a touchless mechanism. Most times, you just have to move your hand over a sensor and you get the toilet on auto flushing.

The Best Toilet is ...

We have been able to walk through everything you need to know regarding toilets and now we believe you want to know which is the best toilet for you.


We have considered a lot of factors like preventing clogs and overflows, constant running, poor flushing and leaks to come to our final decision for you. Especially the dreaded hissing tank and dropping water sound.


The best toilet so far from my perspective is the Toto drake in terms of price and functionality and you can get this easily here.

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